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Energy Market Modelling with our flagship product PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model.


PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model (Desktop Edition)

Energy market modelling and forecast simulation software

PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model is a proven energy market simulation software that uses cutting-edge mathematical programming and stochastic optimisation techniques combined with the latest user-interface and data handling approaches to provide the most comprehensive, easy-to-use robust analytical framework for energy market modelling and simulation.

Trusted worldwide to provide the insights and market analysis required by power generation companies, transmission system operators, electricity market operators, energy commission and regulators, energy traders, price forecasting agencies, power plant manufacturers, power plant construction companies, consultants, academics and research institutions, making PLEXOS the tool and solution of choice for:

Electricity price forecasting

From day ahead clearing prices to long term price forecasts PLEXOS offers unparalleled options for price forecasting from a rigorous fundamental market framework.

Capacity expansion planning

Optimal generation and transmission expansion planning over any time-frame. PLEXOS expansion utility has been built into the comprehensive production model, allowing users to control the desired level of accuracy of their production cost model without the need to create complex external integration loops between decoupled modules.

Generation and transmission asset valuation

The extensive range of detailed operational characteristics allow PLEXOS to provide the most accurate asset performance valuations in any market situation.

Market analysis and design

Examine the effects of the range of proposed market developments and regulations on generation mix, inter-regional flows, prices and profits.

Transmission analysis

PLEXOS is used extensively by TSOs to examine and optimise transmission operation, congestion and ancillary services costs.

Renewable generation integration analysis

Capable of modelling all conventional and renewable generation technologies in detail, PLEXOS is the leading tool for analysing the effects of renewable generation variability on energy market prices, grid operation and congestion, and ancillary services requirements over short and long term planning horizons.

Portfolio optimisation

The powerful optimisation engines underlying PLEXOS allow users to ensure they achieve the most of their generation assets, contractual terms and limited resources in an uncertain world.

Gas modelling

An integrated gas and electricity model that is straight-forward for electric market modellers to understand and use with the same database, user interface and simulation engine as the electric model. Gas field production, storage, pipeline flows and gas demands are expressed in familiar units and support for short and long term simulations are available to assist with investment planning, capital cost of construction, operating costs and co-optimized electric and gas planning and production solutions.

Stochastic optimisation

Ensure decisions are robust to the uncertainty in future inputs including fuel prices, load growth, renewable uptake and generation. Integrated stochastic optimisation of building decisions, hydrology operating policies, transmission expansion and unit commitment.

PLEXOS® Connect (Client-server Edition)

Distributed computing solution for PLEXOS

PLEXOS® Connect is the distributed, client-server system to complement the PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model (Desktop Edition) simulation tool. The product enables users to:

  • Collaborate in preparing input data for simulations
  • Track changes to input data and maintain a version history.
  • Distribute simulations for parallel execution over multiple client computers or to the cloud
  • Remotely manage distributed simulation jobs
  • Easily share, compare and review simulation results

PLEXOS Connect allows you to control which computers jobs run on, the version of input data used, and even the version of the simulation engine. This allows you to keep a complete history of inputs, simulation engines and solutions.

There are three main components in PLEXOS Connect:

PLEXOS® Connect Server

The server is the centralised data-storage manager. It resides in the core of the network system and controls the data security, network configuration, permission hierarchy and simulation engine version control.

PLEXOS® Connect Client

Clients query the server for inputs to perform simulations. All PLEXOS execution jobs queued on the server are dispatched to these computers for execution. On completion, the results are sent back to the server for storage and retrieval.

PLEXOS® Connect Launch Control

Launch Control is the interface used to configure executions, retrieve/upload datasets and solutions, modify network configuration, administrate permissions and more. It can be used from a remote computer, client computer or within the server itself.

System Architecture