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    Now Launched: PLEXOS World!

    This global computer model simulates the hourly energy and emissions output of the world's power plants. It was developed by Maarten Brinkerink and Paul Deane, researchers at MaREI University College Cork. This first-of-its-kind model is unprecedented in detail, scope and accessibility. It demonstrates how 30,000 power plants in 164 countries operate across a year. Find Out More

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    Our biggest annual event is now in its 22nd year! You are invited to our Electric Market Forecasting Conference: September 25-27 in Las Vegas.

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    Simulation-ready Datasets for PLEXOS & Aurora

    Want high-quality scenarios? Use the most accurate data. Europe, Mexico and North American data now available for both PLEXOS and Aurora.

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Energy Exemplar offers best-in-class fully integrated electric power, gas and water simulation software. Our product suite, headlined by the class-leading simulation tools PLEXOS and Aurora, allows you to minimize operational and investment costs, maximize profits and obtain more accurate forecasts that account for all your operational constraints and financial goals.

The savings generated after investing in Plexos are many hundreds more than the initial outlay. It's a no-brainer.

Hendrick Heese Borusan EnBW Enerji

PLEXOS is a valued tool which provided CEZ with more insight into European power and carbon market dynamics. The analysis of fundamental drivers and their impact on the future balance of power systems is beneficial for both trading and investment purposes.

Zdenek Pekarek CEZ

PLEXOS is our tool of choice for NEM market modelling. It gives us the flexibility to set up the model as we choose - and its scenario management is very sophisticated - allowing consistent assumptions to be applied to short, medium or long-term outlooks.

Ben Howard AGL

The PLEXOS beginner's training course is comprehensive, well documented and expertly facilitated. I recommend this course to those embarking on energy modelling.

Andrew Manson Government of South Australia, Department of Energy and Mining

Hands down, Energy Exemplar are the best software company I have ever dealt with.

Manager Portfolio Analytics Southeastern US Utility