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LLNL Joins with Energy Exemplar and IBM to Advance Power Grid Modeling

Understanding the impact of wind and solar power on the energy supply is increasingly important, as the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is targeting 33% integration of renewables with the power grid by 2020. However, even small power market simulations can require days to compute, and larger studies can require months or more.

LLNL has partnered with Energy Exemplar and IBM to apply high performance computing resources to the power grid. This work has led to the development of a massively parallel implementation of Energy Exemplar’s power market simulation software. We have reduced the time required for large power market studies hundreds of times, so that studies that previously took months can now run overnight. This preliminary work paves the way for more detailed grid models and deeper understanding of clean energy sources for California.

View the 2010 Computation Annual Report Article:

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PLEXOS® 6.201 Released

Today Energy Exemplar released PLEXOS® 6.201. This point update in the ’200′ series answers a host of customer-driven feature requests and delivers some exciting new features to the graphical user interface.

Midwest ISO licenses PLEXOS® Software

Location: Sacramento, California

The Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. (“Midwest ISO”) recently licensed the Energy Exemplar PLEXOS market-simulation software from PLEXOS Solutions LLC located in Sacramento, CA. The Midwest ISO intends to use PLEXOS in its Transmission Planning and Operations departments for several specific purposes including detailed wind integration analyses.

According to Eric Toolson, PLEXOS Solutions CEO:

PLEXOS is an ideal tool for the MISO because of its capability to perform a very advanced unit commitment and dispatch, that models all ancillary services including regulation up and down. In addition, PLEXOS can accurately simulate the real-time market with a 5-minute dispatch step in a complicated nodal market.

PLEXOS® 6 Released

Energy Exemplar is proud to announce the release of PLEXOS® 6. This much anticipated release is highlighted by an all-new user interface and data structures based on XML.

PLEXOS 5.200 Released

Energy Exemplar releases PLEXOS for Power Systems® Version 5.200. This version implements an updated input and solution schema consistent with the upcoming PLEXOS 6 versions.

PLEXOS 5.104 Released

Energy Exemplar releases PLEXOS for Power Systems® Version 5.104 which answers many customer feature requests.

Samples that demonstrate the new features in this version are available upon request.

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