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National Grid licences PLEXOS® Software

National Grid ( has selected PLEXOS® for Power Systems (PLEXOS) as its electricity market dispatch simulator.

National Grid, as Transmission System Operator (TSO), is responsible for the efficient, economic and coordinated management of electricity flows in the transmission system of the Great British Electricity Market (GBEM). National Grid’s system operation costs  incurred through the Balancing Mechanism, procurement of ancillary services such as reserve and frequency response and the cost of resolving transmission congestions.  The challenge facing National Grid is to forecast and manage operating costs within the target agreed to by the regulator Ofgem (, who will also be using the PLEXOS software .

The intelligent use of state-of-the-art electric power market simulation software to aid in forecasting transmission congestion and the economic cost of that congestion are crucial to achieving this goal. National Grid has selected PLEXOS in this role. The extensive feature set offered by PLEXOS represented a solution flexible enough to fit National Grid’s challenging needs while achieving the forecast accuracy critical to success.

PLEXOS features key to National Grid’s requirements as TSO include:

  • Co-optimisation of generation, ancillary services and security-constrained transmission optimal power flow (OPF) to 5-minute dispatch intervals
  • Flexibility to simulate over any time period from single period ‘snapshots’ to weekly, annual, and long-term planning applications from a single software application and database structure
  • Dispatch and pricing accounting for hydro, emissions, and generator risk management strategies
  • Fully auditable results based on mathematical programming and comprehensive documentation

A proven track record with TSOs worldwide

Availability of tried-and-trued data for the GBEM supplied by Redpoint Energy (

PLEXOS meets the needs of National Grid due to its foundation in auditable mathematical programming and emphasis on cooptimisation that leads to consistent physical and financial simulation results.
Dr Glenn Drayton, Managing Director, Energy Exemplar

About PLEXOS for Power Systems

PLEXOS uses industrial-strength LP/QP/MIP solvers to deliver solutions to tough utility problems. PLEXOS is the platform at over 100 organizations globally for solving problems in operations, planning and risk, and market and transmission analysis, including Locational Marginal Pricing formation.

PLEXOS is used for short, medium and long term modelling, simulation and analysis of power markets. Key features comprise: power system representation, unit commitment, pricing and settlement, portfolio optimisation, scenario analysis, pumped-storage, outages and maintenance scheduling, stochastic modelling and optimisation, wind integration, transmission and ancillary services modelling, security constrained dispatch, multiyear constraints such as emissions and fuel limits, and investment planning.

About Energy ExemplarEnergy Exemplar is a leader in electric power market simulation and analysis. The Adelaide, Australia based technology firm was first established in 1999, and specialises in development of the PLEXOS software product. Energy Exemplar services customers in 30 countries from its offices in Australia, UK, and USA (as PLEXOS Solutions). For more information, visit

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