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European Electricity Price Modelling & Forecasting Forum

Including guest speaker Dr. Glenn Drayton (Chief Technology Officer)

Location: Dusseldorf, Germany
Dates: 30/11/2011 – 02/12/2011

2nd Annual European Electricity Price Modelling & Forecasting Forum

Modelling Market Risks and volatility through Practical Market Analysis and Pricing Techniques

This exclusive 2nd Annual marcus evans forum will offer energy utilities and trading companies the information needed to design the most effective pricing models for the European wholesale power market. The conference will enable discussion on the incorporation of key variables into modelling techniques, risk management techniques to hedge against extreme scenarios and the effects of market coupling on price forecasting.

Energy Exemplar will be attending the forthcoming 2nd Annual European Electricity Price Modelling & Forecasting Forum taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany on 30 November – 2 December 2011. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with us and have a demonstration of our cutting edge software PLEXOS Power Market Simulator.

Energy Exemplar are proud to be the major conference lunch sponsor for this event, check out the brochure for this event below.

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Please contact us if you wish to set up a meeting and demonstration during these days.
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EMART Energy 2011

Energy Exemplar at EMART

Location: Lyon France
Dates: 23-24th November 2011

Europe’s leading event for Energy Trading professionals.

Energy Exemplar attended EMART Energy which took place in Lyon, France on 23-24 November 2011.

Photos from the exhibition

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PLEXOS® Issue Identified – Please Upgrade Affected Versions

Date: Aug 25, 2011


A serious issue has been identified in the application of Variable data to the simulation in the second and subsequent simulation steps of MT Schedule and LT Plan.  Users of the affected versions should update immediately to avoid the issue.

Affected Versions

The following versions of PLEXOS for Power System software are affected:

  • PLEXOS 5 up to and including 5.201 R27
  • PLEXOS 6.201 up to and including 6.201 R27
  • PLEXOS 6.202 up to and including 6.202 R04
  • PLEXOS Version 4.x is not affected by this bulletin.


By default LT Plan solves the entire horizon in a single optimization step. For this case the bulletin does not apply. But if LT Plan is configured to run in two or more steps then the problem described below can occur. MT Schedule by default will solve the simulation horizon into yearly steps. This bulletin applies to MT Schedule when running  with two or more steps.
The first simulation step of LT Plan or MT Schedule is unaffected by the issue. But in the second and subsequent simulation steps the values of Variable objects is applied incorrectly to the formulation. Specifically the Variable values from step one are applied in step two, three, etc rather than the values for the appropriate step. The Variable object reporting is correct i.e. Variable [Value], [Error], [Raw Value] all report correctly, but the formulation and reporting of properties derived from the Variable values are shown with incorrect values e.g. if you were to apply a Variable to a Region [Price] then the Region [Price] in the solution would show the incorrect values.


No workarounds are available for this issue.


Install the latest version of the software from the Downloads page.
The updated versions are:

  • For PLEXOS 5.x users: 5.201 R28
  • For PLEXOS 6.201 users: 6.201 R28
  • For PLEXOS 6.202 users: 6.202 R05

For more information contact your support representative.

RWE chooses PLEXOS®

RWE have licensed PLEXOS® for short and long term power market modelling, simulation and analysis. Their decision followed after comprehensive evaluation of power market modelling tools.

Energy Exemplar Goes Global

Energy Exemplar Pty Ltd has on Friday 5th August 2011 closed on the purchase of PLEXOS Solutions LLC, its North American exclusive distributor of PLEXOS® for Power Systems simulation software. Energy Exemplar, the developer of PLEXOS desktop and PLEXOS Connect® client-server software, is a global leader in simulation software with existing offices in London and Adelaide. The acquisition, and integration of the Sacramento office, is expected to open new opportunities for Energy Exemplar to develop its information services business and consultancy in the electric power industry.

PLEXOS Solutions’ excellent leadership team and talented employees, strong position in alternative energy integration and information services, provides Energy Exemplar with the opportunity to develop these strengths globally.
Glenn Drayton, Chief Technology Officer.

Energy Exemplar’s in-depth expertise in development of simulation software combined with PLEXOS Solutions experience in information services and consultancy expands our value proposition for end users.
Glenn Drayton, Chief Technology Officer continued.

PLEXOS Solutions integration into Energy Exemplar will allow the company to continue its rapid growth globally. By delivering complementary and comprehensive solutions, our end users can take advantage of new opportunities to exploit PLEXOS simulation software.

Energy Exemplar currently has over 200 licensed end users serving customers in 26 countries worldwide.

Louise Drayton

New updates in PLEXOS® 6

Updates are now available for current PLEXOS 6 versions. PLEXOS 6.201 R26 and PLEXOS 6.202 R03 are now available for download in the client area.

Please read the revision notes and if you are upgrading to 6.202 read the release notes referenced there.

Got long-term chronological constraints that you need to model? Ever wondered how to model a limit on the number of unit starts in a year? Want to capture the effect of ramping and unit cycling on capacity expansion? The answer is chronological LT Plan and MT Schedule, now available in PLEXOS 6.202.

Get maximum power from your simulations with Parallel Monte Carlo. Run 10′s or 100′s of simulations in parallel on a single computer with PLEXOS 6.202! Why not go massively-parallel by combining PLEXOS 6.202 with PLEXOS Connect on your local network or cluster.

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