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Energy Exemplar Updates PLEXOS® to Version 6.204

The latest point update to PLEXOS® introduces 43 new input properties including 11 simulation settings, and 51 new output properties. Many of these feature additions enhance modelling of real-time markets and in particular the passing of data from day-ahead to balancing (or real-time) simulations.

This update also introduces a Sample Reduction feature whereby Variable samples, whether endogenous or exogenous, can be statistically reduced in number automatically to a target sample count or accuracy level. This feature allows users to reduce the computational effort required to obtain statistically significant estimates of key simulation outputs. It is particularly useful in reducing the samples solved simultaneously in Stochastic Optimization e.g. in LT Plan capacity expansion planning with variable hydro, fuel, load or other inputs.

PLEXOS® 6.204 is available NOW for download. Click here to download the latest version and access the full release notes.

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