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African Utility Week – May 2012

Featuring a live demonstration from Mr Frank Leanez
Regional Manager Asia-Pacific/South America/Africa.

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Dates: 21/05/2012 – 24/05/2012

Over the last 12 years African Utility Week (AUW) has attracted thousands of industry professionals from over 50 countries to the event. In 2011 there were over 2500 visitors and more than 200 exhibitors in attendance. AUW is the only African exhibition that covers the entire spectrum of the power, water and waste management utilities industry in all its many forms. It’s designed for African utilities, large industrial end users in Africa and solution providers from across the globe.

This is your chance to visit us and experience PLEXOS, the leading software in power market simulation and analysis at the African Utility Week Exhibition taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa on 21 May – 24 May 2012. Take the opportunity to meet with our expert staff at booth CO8 to have a demonstration of our cutting edge software PLEXOS Power Market Simulator and what we promise to be a memorable PLEXOS experience.

Please contact us if you wish to set up a meeting and demonstration during these days.
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Power Market Simulation Software – the Capabilities of PLEXOS® Day-Ahead and Real-Time Features

“Mr Tao Guo to Represent Energy Exemplar LLC and PLEXOS®
at the June 2012 FERC Conference”

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC, is an independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of natural gas, oil, and electricity. FERC also regulates natural gas and hydropower projects. The June 2012, Technical Conference on Increasing Real-Time and Day-Ahead Market Efficiency through Improved Software will bring together diverse experts from ISOs/RTOs, non-market utilities, the software industry, government, research centers and academia for the purposes of stimulating discussion and sharing of information about the technical aspects of these issues and identifying fruitful avenues for research.

Mr Tao Guo, Manager of Tech Services for Energy Exemplar LLC has been awarded the opportunity as a guest speaker to present his paper titled ‘Evaluating the Wind/Solar Generation Variability and Forecast Error Mitigation Using Day-Ahead and Real-Time Market Interleaved/Sequential Simulations’ on Tuesday June 26th. The presentation will provide insights into the features and applications of PLEXOS® Day-Ahead and Real-Time capabilities. Attendees will have the opportunity to build their knowledge and learn more about PLEXOS® Simulator features in Mathematical Programming, Market Analysis, Wind Integration, Electric Price Forecast, Capacity Expansion Planning, Stochastic Optimization and much more.

Paper Summary:

Increasing wind and solar generation penetration in the deregulated markets presents a challenge to the market designer and operator. The Day-ahead (DA) market schedule produces hourly unit commitment schedule with the forecasted load, wind and solar generation. The real-time (RT) market dispatches the committed resources to accommodate the actual intra-hourly wind and solar generation that is different to that which was forecasted. The storage facilities are flexible resources that can be deployed in the real-time market for this purpose.

A DA-RT interleaved simulation algorithm is implemented in the Power Market Simulation software, PLEXOS®, to evaluate the effectiveness of the storage facilities to accommodate the wind and solar generation variability and forecast error. This feature is applied to value the benefit of a hydro-dominated utility participation in the MISO DA and RT markets. The interleaved run mode represents a significant technological advancement over traditional sequential DA-RT simulations.

This approach can be used to quantify the value of other measures in the markets to accommodate the wind and solar generation variability and forecast error: such as demand response programs, distributed generation facility, transmission expansion, etc. The operational reserve adequacy can be determined by using multiple-sample DA-RT simulation. In coupling with the stochastic optimization, the DA-RT interleaved stochastic unit commitment simulation will provide a means for the market designer to determine the committed on-line capacity with the least cost and risk.

World Renewable Energy Forum – May – 2012

Featuring Guest Panellist and Speaker Dr. Tao Guo

Location: Denver, Colorado
Dates: 13/05/2012 – 17/05/2012

The World Renewable Energy Forum gathers the planet’s top solar energy experts in all topical areas: research, technology transfer, manufacturing, installation, utilities, environment, buildings, policy, professional education, and workforce development and consumer education.
Energy Exemplar is pleased to announce the participation from one of our top Mechanical Technical Consultants, Dr Tao Guo as the guest panellist and speaker for the 2012 World Renewable Energy Forum 13th – 17th May. Take the opportunity to experience first-hand the applications of PLEXOS in the renewable energy integration and build your knowledge and learn more about PLEXOS applications in Market Analysis, Operational Modelling, Resource Planning, Renewable Energy Integration and much more…

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China EPower – May 2012

Featuring Guest Speaker Frank Leanez (Regional Manager of
Asia-Pacific/Africa and South America)

12th China International Electric Power & Electric Engineering Technology Exhibition

Location: Shanghai, China
Dates: 09/05/2012 – 11/05/2012

China EPower is the leading comprehensive power exhibition in China, covering power generation, power transmission and distribution, power automation, power construction, energy conservation, environmental protection and electric products. With rapid developments in China’s power industry, China EPower has grown to be the most established exhibition for global power industry players, thanks to its quality networking platform, high-value service, representation of cutting-edge products and technologies, and international participation. The 2011 exhibition attracted over 300 exhibiting companies with a total of 21,000 visitors.

Photos from the event

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Introducing the Client Area web interface!

Energy Exemplar’s new Client Area web interface will enhance the support accountability and provide real time information resources to our clients, which will build a communication tool where users and our technical staff can conveniently and efficiently share their expertise to enhance their understanding of PLEXOS® and the electric power market. The client area offers a range of significant features including; access to download the PLEXOS® software, the ability to view software licenses owned by your company, view all support cases and browse all public solutions. Furthermore this new client facility will offer improved management planning techniques of such products and services directed to your company thus leading to efficiency and effectiveness in all areas.

The benefits of the client area web interface include:

  • Quick and easy access to login details for the client area by emailing the support address.
  • Fast and active 24/7 database system that will accurately store new contact and case information by emails sent to it.
  • Offers quick area navigation buttons to help clients find and access the right download, support, documentation or license information they need. Each tool has been organised and categorised accordingly with relevant information, data and features to ensure convenience for the client in obtaining the right information efficiently and effectively.
  • The layout of the download page is highly professional, offering revision notes and release notes for every version, and a database search tool within the revision notes view, allowing clients to make easy recommendations and cross reference between versions. Downloads for both PLEXOS® Desktop Edition and PLEXOS Connect® client-server edition have been categorised and filtered separately with images of each box to avoid confusion of specific downloads, including a set of icons for each software tool thus improving identification between PLEXOS® products. Each download is tracked and handled with care by our database system so we can accurately advise our clients on the versions they are downloading.
  • The case tracking facility offers clients a break-down of the history of cases that have been emailed and answered by our staff with details including case number, subject, status, priority level, created date, region and the person who has been assigned the case. Clients can filter and manage their own cases while ensuring they are kept up-to-date with the click of a button, a time-saving technique that increases productivity.
  • Cases can be assigned a priority which helps identify which issues need the quickest response and attention. Saving time by making our team more efficient at dealing with problems that need attention.
  • Public solutions can be searched or browsed. This will provide valuable information on common problems or frequently asked questions. Both clients and technical staff can use this area to help with any support queries. Furthermore clients can use this system to search for a particular problem/solution without having to submit a support case.
  • High security allows specially designated managers of each company access to view their PLEXOS® license details and license history.
  • A PLEXOS® Wiki tool system offers clients an online documentation system for information on system requirements, to installation guides, to successfully installing PLEXOS® as well as class references, interface guides, and modelling guides. The Wiki creates a sense of security and satisfaction for the client and ensures on-going performance and quick guidance.
  • A user’s forum where issues can be discussed which are of common interest to the users of Energy Exemplar’ products and services.

Overall the client area web interface brings a strong sense of security, support and high performance to the client’s working environment. Best of all, these tools are always accessible from anywhere, anytime, offering an internet connection to your mobile phone web browser!

Please request a login by emailing our support address to receive your password and commence making use of this resource immediately. Once you have obtained your password, choose the “Client Area” menu option under the Support section of our main menu navigation on the website to login.

PLEXOS® Development Update

Energy Exemplar continues to ‘push the envelope’ by exploring new ideas, developments and features in our class-leading simulation software PLEXOS® for Power Systems. Our development team is striving for future success and growth as we work on the latest version of our software – PLEXOS 7. This version is nearing its first public beta. Features such as object templates, generic decision variables, filtering and reporting lists, an integrated gas model, and geospatial visualisation will ensure that PLEXOS remains the simulation software of choice well into the future. Don’t forget to check out the latest updates to PLEXOS 6 as well, which includes the breakthrough “interleaved” run mode for day-ahead and real-time simulations.

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