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Energy Exemplar’s New and Improved Online Storefront with Power Technology

Advertising in the modern era is becoming a vast and highly powerful tool in every industry to not only raise awareness of a company’s brand and product line within the market place but to ensure that the customer is aware, persuaded and enticed to consume the products and services being offered. At Energy Exemplar, we continue to strive for success, identifying new opportunities and exploring new ideas that will create a competitive edge, a memorable brand and positive customer relationships, satisfaction and experiences. We have a strong focus on finding the best possible source of marketing activity to communicate our mission to the Power and Energy markets as being the number one global leader and provider in Power Market Modelling with our class-leading Power Market Simulation Software, PLEXOS® for Power Systems®.

With more than 90,000 visitors a month, is one of the leading titles covering the global energy industry and Energy Exemplar is proud to announce their new and improved online store-front profile which will be live and active for the next 12 months via the Power Technology Company Directory page. Here you will find all the latest news, announcements, products and services, updates to the PLEXOS® software, video insights into PLEXOS® installations, quality whitepapers and information regarding the business of Energy Exemplar with many links directed to our website pages with more information and for your convenience.

Check it out NOW, visit our advertising page and click on the ‘Power Technology’ (Store-front Profile).

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Energy Exemplar Sponsors & Advertises in PI Magazine Asia

Energy Exemplar would like to announce the release of their latest A4 page advert of its class-leading Power Market Simulation Software – PLEXOS for Power Systems® as advertised in the Power Insider Asia Magazine. Our marketing and design team continue to explore new ideas and opportunities that will effectively promote the awareness of PLEXOS® and Energy Exemplar’s branding in all power and energy markets from across the globe. Power Insider Asia is the most effective magazine in reaching key decision makers throughout the Asian Power markets. Power Insider Asia is the only title dedicated to the Power and Energy sector written by the region and including content by world leading experts. Check out our A4 page advert via our advertising page.

Energy Exemplar are also proud sponsors of the official Power Insider Asia website.

PLEXOS® 6.207 NOW Available

The August point update to PLEXOS® is now available for download. Version 6.207 contains many important algorithmic, stability and performance improvements in both the engine and user interface and is a recommended upgrade for users currently on Version 6.206 or earlier. In particular the dynamic program unit commitment option and Nash-Cournot algorithms have been improved. Please see the Revision Notes for details. PLEXOS 6.207 introduces a host of new features which answer many customer requests. For example, commitment logic is now available for the Purchaser class with the introduction of the [Min Load] property, which is analogous to Generator [Min Stable Level] but for loads. This is just one of 14 new input properties. On the output side, 37 new properties have been added including reporting of Nash-Cournot perfect competition and equilibrium solutions in full detail. This release of the desktop edition coincides with the release of PLEXOS Connect 1.6 and the desktop user interface is designed to work with this new Connect release.

The development team is busy working on the September point updates (6.208 and 7.000). Expect to see feature enhancements in chronological LT Plan and unit commitment as well as the first public version of PLEXOS 7, with its integrated electric-gas model, and significant enhancements in the user interface including object templates, and generic lists.

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