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Resource Planning – IRP, Asset Valuation and Power Modeling

Featuring guest speaker Dr Randell Johnson,
Regional Manager for Energy Exemplar LLC, East Coast, US

Location: Denver, Colorado
Dates: 20/05/2013 – 22/05/2013

This conference typically draws more than 150 industry leaders and representatives from various power and energy groups from across the east coast with expert knowledge in Resource Planning & Asset Valuation including, utilities, leading integrated resource planning, resource adequacy planning, strategic and long-range planning, forecasting and analysis, energy efficiency planning, generation and load planning, transmission planning, intra-hour operations analysis and modelling, renewable energy planning and regulatory planners.

The conference will feature leading utility, financial and merchant power resource planning and asset valuation personnel addressing the key resource planning and asset valuation issues associated with power modelling related to environmental mandates, intermittent and variable energy resources, regulatory policies and uncertainty including issues in:

  • Fluctuating, highly complex and disconnected policy directives, often in multiple markets.
  • Fluctuating, highly complex and disconnected policy directives, often in multiple markets.
  • Environmental regulations that reduce operational latitude.
  • Energy efficiency and other conservation measures that work against traditional utility revenue models.
  • Stakeholder perspectives that often seem counter to sound business and investment principles.

Energy Exemplar is the official VIP Sponsor for the 2013 EUCI conference on Resource Planning – IRP, Asset Valuation and Power Modeling. Take the opportunity to meet personally with our new Regional Director for the East Coast, Dr. Randell Johnson and hear his presentation on ‘Integrated Resource Planning Solutions and Valuation Using PLEXOS for Power Systems’. Experience first-hand the cutting edge software that is leading the field in Power Market Modelling, PLEXOS for Power Systems and build your knowledge on the PLEXOS modelling features and application areas including electricity and natural gas market simulation, interregional planning, deterministic and stochastic optimization, transmission benefits analysis, capacity expansion planning, LMP forecasts, Integrated resource planning and much more….. Plus, don’t forget to enjoy the free promotional giveaways of PLEXOS and Energy Exemplar and ask about our consulting services and the availability of our new commercial datasets for modelling from across the globe.

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African Utility Week – 2013

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Dates: 14/05/2013 – 15/05/2013

A required investment of approximately $93 billion per annum needed to address Africa’s power and infrastructure needs opens up exciting business opportunities for suppliers and solution providers from across the globe. African Utility Week (AUW) 2013 will provide insights into such future investment opportunities and after 13 years of close collaboration with utilities, municipalities, governments, regulators, large power users and solution providers AUW have become the number one power exhibition in Africa. Over 250 suppliers from across the world will not only exhibit their latest technology and solutions but will be waiting to share their experience, case studies and best practices with all energy and power enthusiasts.

Come visit us at Booth E09

Energy Exemplar is pleased to announce their attendance for the 2nd consecutive year at the 2013 African Utility Week Exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa. This is your chance to come and visit the company that has been leading the field in Power Market Modelling and experience the professional services and one-on-one interaction provided by our expert staff by having a demonstration of our cutting edge software PLEXOS the Power Market Simulator and what we promise to be a memorable PLEXOS experience.

Photos from the event

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PLEXOS for Power Systems® – Experience the difference in Power Market Modelling

Photos from the US User Group Meeting & Training event

Thank you all who attended our US User Group Meeting & Training. Congratulations on those that completed the trainings! Here are the photos from the events:

ISO Energy Conference – 2013

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Dates: 9/05/2013 – 10/05/2013

More than 300 energy industry leaders, regulators and policymakers came together to discuss the future of the electric system at the Energy Synergy: Competition and Innovation conference in New York City on November 1, 2012. Hosted jointly by the New York ISO and ISO New England, the conference was an effort to promote collaboration and continue meaningful conversations about progress in the region, emerging industry trends, and challenges that are facing the grid and wholesale markets. The ISO New England and the New York Independent System Operator are pleased to present their second joint energy conference, Navigating Change. This conference will bring together leading industry professionals and policy makers for lively and thoughtful discussion on the current drivers of change in today’s industry and how the industry can successfully navigate through this period of rapid development and transformation.

Photos from the event

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Energy Exemplar Advertises with Brasil Energia

We continue to expand and direct our market focus on the South American power and energy markets, targeting Hydro, Generation and Transmission professionals in an ever-changing, highly advanced environment. Continuing from our successful advertising campaign via the Energia Hoje website promoting the PLEXOS Hydro model features, our new campaign will feature the existing Square Static Banner design of the class-leading Power Market Simulation Software – PLEXOS for Power Systems® portraying the Hydro capabilities of the PLEXOS model in the Portuguese language via the Brasil Energia website. Brasil Energia is the partnering site to Energia Hoje, focusing exclusively on oil, electricity and gas exploration, production, refining and logistics. Published monthly, it circulates to subscribers, newsstands and bookstores around the country.

Our focus is global with an approach towards segmenting and targeting those markets involved in power market modelling and catering custom designed product features and services to potential clients. By displaying the content of our Square Static Banner in Portuguese, we have proven to the South American market that we have the resources available to deliver the best customer service possible, tailoring a customised package to suit the needs of all Latin American professionals within the industry.

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