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Europe’s Balancing Act

How can the region’s electricity system cope with the growing role of renewables while ensuring flexibility and adequacy of capacity? Matti Rautkivi and Melle Kruisdijk say innovative technology and new market mechanisms can help.

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2013 Europe User Group Meeting Photos

Date: 17th June

We would like to thank all our valued Europe clients who participated in the 2013 EU User Group Meeting.

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Energy Exemplar Publishes its White Paper on PLEXOS and the Sub-Saharan Africa Power Market via the ESI Africa Website

Energy Exemplar is proud to announce the live publication of their latest white paper titled ‘PLEXOS and the Sub-Saharan Africa Power Market’ which will be advertised on the ESI Africa Power website from the 1st July to the 31st July 2013.

Authored by Marios Vlachodimitropoulos and edited by Dr. Christos Papadopoulos, the paper discusses the inefficiencies associated with the sub-Saharan Africa power supply caused by insufficient and largely stagnated generating capacity, unreliable supply in the form of widespread power shortages and an increasing reliance on emergency power. Maintenance, problem solving solutions and the independent power supply from the SAPP and in alliance with Africa’s largest power producer has played an important role in shaping the foundation of Africa’s power market. The paper highlights the key features and capabilities of the PLEXOS model, playing an important role in helping to find the cost-effective solutions, generation capacity and transmission limits and excess supplies thus eliminating the inefficiencies.

Established in 1996, ESI Africa has become the leading provider of information relating to the African electricity and energy industry, delivering news to the continent and beyond. Published quarterly in March, June, September and December, ESI Africa is distributed to over 5000 decision makers within the African power industry, providing information and updates on innovations and product developments.

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