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5th Annual European Power Conference

Featuring Guest Speaker Dr Christos Papadopoulos
(Regional Manager for Europe)

Location: Berlin, Germany
Dates: 28th April – 29th April 2014

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Since 1909, PLATTS has provided information and insights that help customers make sound trading and business decisions and enable the markets to perform with greater transparency and efficiency. The 5th Annual European Power Conference will provide open discussions and insights into the future for European power market design and power generation policy delivered by leading authorities such as RWE Supply and Trading, OFGEM and Dong Energy. Conventional power generation will be a ‘hot’ topic for the latest trends, challenges and opportunities for coal and gas in Europe and the role of the thermal plant in a low demand, high renewables environment with senior representation from various leading power authorities.

For the 2nd consecutive year, Energy Exemplar will be one of the major exhibitors at the PLATTS 5th Annual European Power Conference taking place in Berlin, Germany on the 28th – 29th April 2013. Meet with our expert staff in Energy Systems and Energy Market Modelling plus see firsthand Dr Christos Papadopoulos, Regional Manager for Energy Exemplar Europe provide a demonstration of our cutting edge software PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model. Hear Dr Christos on the panellist’s table and conference presentation stage discussing his topic on “What is the best we can do when planning for capacity expansion under uncertainty using PLEXOS®?” With focus questions involving discussions on;

  • What methods and tools are available so we can cope with new investments needed under an ever increasing uncertainty in European Power Markets?
  • What might be the best options?
  • Flexibility – Is what is needed and how it could be valued?

Experience some of the latest advances, applications and solution tools in the PLEXOS model including Generation, Transmission, Capacity Expansion Planning, Ancillary Services, Gas-Electric Modelling, Electricity Price Forecasting and much more… Plus don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive many of our free PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model promotional merchandise.

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Energy Exemplar Opens New African Office

Energy Exemplar is pleased to announce the opening of their new office located in Johannesburg, South Africa to provide PLEXOS and related services to the African region. We are fortunate to have Mr Jarrad Wright join the Energy Exemplar African team as our Senior Consultant.

Jarrad has previous experience in electrical power engineering in various countries in Southern Africa, Kenya, Seychelles, Rwanda, Uganda and Ghana for voltages up to 765 KV with key experience in power system analysis and modelling utilising a number of power system network analysis tools. Jarrad will be providing client support and training; developing PLEXOS datasets and performing advanced analysis and design of power markets as well as energy planning.

Contact details for our new office:

Energy Exemplar (Africa) Pty Ltd
West Tower Nelson Mandela Square
Cnr 5th & Maude Street, Sandton, 2196
Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel: +27 11 881 5889

PLEXOS is the leading energy market modelling software of choice so stay tuned to Energy Exemplar upcoming events and announcements by signing up to our mailing list in the footer of our website or by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

PLEXOS Version 6.302 is now available!

PLEXOS Version 6.302 is now available!

Energy Exemplar is pleased to announce that the release of PLEXOS Version 6.302 is now available for download. PLEXOS Version 6.302 introduces new capabilities to our existing gas-electric co-optimization, as well as enhancements in stochastic optimization, smart grid, and risk management.
See the 6.302 Release Notes for full details.

In addition, the latest update to PLEXOS Connect Version 2.2.1 adds support for split runs allowing you to distribute a large simulation in parts to several computing nodes and have the solution aggregated back to the server. The latest User Guide and 2.2.1 Release Notes for PLEXOS Connect can be found here.

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Energy Exemplar’s Cutting-edge & Innovative PLEXOS® Gas-Electric Model Featured Live in Power Insider Asia

Power Insider Asia is the most effective way of reaching decision makers throughout the Asian continent and is the only title dedicated to the Power, Energy and Water sectors written by the region and including content by world leading experts. The new Case Study published by Energy Exemplar Pty Ltd titled ‘Analysis of the Australian South Eastern Gas System using PLEXOS®’ will be promoted live on the Power Insider (PI) Asia website for the month of April and distributed to a database of 52,117 individuals. The aim of the paper is to present the new gas model from PLEXOS applied to the South Eastern Australia Gas Network. The importance of the risk analysis highlighted in the case study is linked to Australia’s growing LNG market. Power Insider Asia operates a two tiered approach targeting the senior decision makers and corporate management, but also the technical management and purchasing heads, those individuals actually responsible for recommending and specifying purchasing decisions.
Energy Exemplar’s focus is direct and pro-active, continuing to strengthen its branding across the Asian power and energy markets, targeting experts in the fields of Gas Modelling and Electric Price Forecasting. Extending from the PLEXOS Gas Modelling Case Study promotion, the month of May for PI Asia will feature an online flash Leaderboard banner dedicated to the class-leading Energy Market Simulating Software, PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model. The banner will highlight the key applications in the PLEXOS model including; Energy Market Modelling, Capacity Expansion Planning, Renewable Generation Integration Analysis, Portfolio Optimisation, Stochastic Optimisation, Hydro Power Planning, Gas Network Planning, Co-optimisation, Risk management.

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PLEXOS® Hydro Capabilities Advertised on South America’s Leading Media Provider of the Brazilian Energy Market

Hydro, electricity and transmission networks continue to expand in South America especially with Brazil’s capacity plant being comparable to that of Italy and the United Kingdom combined. Targeting leading Hydro and Transmission professionals in an ever-changing, highly advanced environment, Energy Exemplar continues to take control of advancing as the leading developers in Energy Market Modelling across the South American energy markets. For the second consecutive year the best-in-class Electric and Gas Market Simulation Software, PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model will be advertised on the Energia Hoje website via a Super Leaderboard banner portraying the Hydro capabilities of the PLEXOS model, including Cascading Hydro Networks, Pumped Storage Energy, Ancillary Services, Stochastic Optimization and Capacity Expansion Planning.

Energia Hoje is the number complete media provider of the Brazilian energy industry on the Internet. Banners integrated with content, the site is broken down by editorial department and sub-departments, further optimizing the advertising investment. Energia Hoje is a website containing statistics and services about the energy sector. Its journalistic coverage also reaches subscribers through two daily transmissions of newsletters.

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The Pumped Storage Generator Evaluation by PLEXOS and Integration Studies featured in Power & Energy Solutions

Power & Energy Solutions is the leading industries wind energy coverage across North America. It is the essential title for the wind sector with over 16,000 readers, extensive online and mobile reach. Each edition features comprehensive Interviews with the industry’s biggest names and all the latest news, views and analysis. P&ES is constantly building relationships with end-users, analysts and associations to guarantee the most up-to-date database for their E-Marketing Campaign which supports the hugely successful print campaign and drives even more executive and company contacts to the market.

The second quarterly edition of P&ES will feature a double page spread of Energy Exemplar’s engagement in the project sponsored by the Department of Energy through Argonne National Laboratory to perform the power system operation simulation using the PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model to evaluate the Fixed-speed Pumped-storage Hydro-generators (FS PSH) and the Adjustable-speed Pumped-storage Hydro-generators (AS PSH). Extending from this article, the P&ES website will feature a super skyscraper banner of PLEXOS®, promoting the software’s key integrated features including Integrated Resource Planning, Renewable Generation Integration, Gas-Electric Coordination, Sub-Hourly Gas Electric Simulations for Renewables, Portfolio Optimization and Risk-constrained Integrated Resource Planning.

Energy Exemplar’s focus is direct and pro-active, continuing to strengthen its branding across the North American power and energy markets, targeting experts in the fields of Wind Integration and Electric Price Forecasting.

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