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Valuing California’s Technology Innovation in Energy

Lawrence Livermore’s ground-breaking study with PLEXOS

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) recently published a study entitled THE VALUE OF ENERGY STORAGE AND DEMAND RESPONSE FOR RENEWABLE INTEGRATION IN CALIFORNIA.

Dr. Thomas A. Edmunds’ and numerous colleagues’ and collaborators’ work used PLEXOS to compute the economic value of several technologies designed to deal with the reality that growth in renewable energy resources will “increase the variability and uncertainty in electric generation resources” that power California’s grid. The stochastic unit commitment capabilities of PLEXOS were put to excellent use on LLNL’s High Performance Computing platform upon which 3 million core-hours of simulations took place.

Key findings of the report include
  • An estimate for the optimal sizing of four-hour energy storage technologies.
    • 900MW of storage for each of PG&E and SCE
  • A comparison of the economic value of three energy storage technologies.
    • CAES has the highest net-revenue per MW installed
  • The insufficiency of energy arbitrage to cover storage investment costs.
  • The value of ancillary services revenue to storage devices.
    • $100/kW-yr
  • The ancillary services impact of demand response programs.
    • 84 million $ per year for load following

The report offers many other valuable insights supported by extensive detail.

The study is vetting by the California Energy Commission and a technical review team assembled by DNV-GL.

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Intelligent Hedging and Portfolio Optimisation Summit for the Energy Market

Featuring Guest and Chair Speaker Dr Christos
Papadopoulos Regional Director for Europe

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dates: 23th – 24th February 2017

Annual Intelligent Hedging and Portfolio Optimisation Summit for the Energy Market was to collect together leading energy market professionals to discuss portfolio optimization, investment panning, risk management forecasting, price volatility forecasting issues and challenges market was facing.

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PLEXOS 7.400 R02 is Now Available

PLEXOS 7.400 R02 is now available for download. Please see the Revision Notes for details. It is recommended that you carefully review the Revision Notes, to determine whether you may be affected by any of the issues addressed or can benefit from newly added features. If so, we recommend updating to this latest release. For more information please click here.

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