MISO and PJM Release Joint CPP Planning Study Using PLEXOS

MISO and PJM Release Joint CPP Planning Study Using PLEXOS

Midcontinent Independent System Operator and PJM Interconnection have recently completed a joint study using PLEXOS of the implementation of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) in their combined footprint. The CPP has created a need for many electricity industry companies to undertake detailed emissions modeling as part of their long-term planning practices. PLEXOS provides this capability along with numerous other capabilities that establish its unique qualifications for this type of analysis. The study required the ability to model interregional economic interchange, transmission congestion, the inclusion of a diversity of generation technologies, production cost modeling, the simulation of energy markets, emissions restrictions and trading, and other compliance mechanisms such as energy efficiency.

The MISO and PJM joint study produced many insights. Two of these rise to the top of the analysis according to the study authors, namely:
  • variation in natural gas prices and state policies on resource economics are at least as important as state’s implementation of CPP rules, and
  • standardization of the energy efficiency across state lines may bring significant savings.

Regardless of the eventual implementation (if any) of the Clean Power Plan, many stakeholders in MISO and PJM and elsewhere across the United States are taking steps to address the core issues presented by the rule. The comprehensive modeling capabilities of PLEXOS make PLEXOS the ideal tool for this type of analysis.

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