We help you foretell the future.

Driven by the frenetic pace of advancements in computing technology and mathematical algorithms, we continually give you novel approaches and more realistic simulations to answer your multi-billion-dollar questions like, “How do I accurately foretell what will happen in energy markets, to meet the needs of customers, shareholders or the nation?”

You get better decision-making insights.

We exist so that you make the most informed decisions at the most impactful times.

With our best work, you make better choices, and that makes a positive impact on our local, regional and global communities. In essence, we play a part in changing the world. The more successful we are at helping you forecast your energy future by optimizing your decisions, the greater the prosperity for all. That includes the health of people and the planet.

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Our Team

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David Wilson
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Glenn Drayton
Founder & Chief Scientist

Prajval Parthasarathy
Chief Operating Officer

Sales Leaders

Stuart Kelly
Senior Vice President – Sales, APAC

Functional Leaders

Dallas Jensen
Head of Global Learning

Solution Engineering Leaders

Dr. Steven Broad
VP of Solution Engineering – Americas

Product Managers

Anna Geevarghese

Anna Susan Geevarghese
Vice President, Product Management & Strategy

Dan Mooy

Dan Mooy
Senior VP of Sales, Americas

Helen O’Brien
People and Culture Manager

David Llewellyn
Senior Director, Software

Rob Homer
Product Manager – Gas

Michael Schneider

Michael Schneider
Senior VP – Head of EMEA

Tom O'Meara

Tom O’Meara
Senior VP Sales, EMEA

Dr Christos Papadopoulos
VP Solution Engineering – EMEA

John Scott
VP Product Strategy – Electricity

Milorad Zecevic
VP Sales (Rest of the world)

Our History

In 1997, Glenn Drayton was completing his doctoral thesis at the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, NZ) in the energy markets research group. The group had a strong modelling component, so during his studies, he worked on a rapid application development library which allowed him to complete industrial-scale mathematical programming in Excel and other component object model (COM) applications.

Upon taking a consulting role with a New Zealand transmission system operator (TSO), Glenn found he needed an engine to test a range of designs for the market, so he expanded on the program he’d written. Through significant customization of Microsoft Excel and visual basic for applications (VBA), the software that would become PLEXOS began to take shape.

As Glenn’s career progressed, he continued to develop his simulation software for commercial applications. By 1999 he had a plan for how the simulator’s database should be structured. Done with consulting, he founded Drayton Analytics. By mid-2000, the first version of PLEXOS was released: an engine providing high-level object models to build mathematical programming problems and handles all interactions with the solver.

In 2001, the company began building its global presence when PLEXOS was adopted by the Irish SEM as its standard. However, the California energy crisis in 2002 would play a major role in expanding the company. Spending almost two years travelling between Adelaide and California, Glenn launched PLEXOS Solutions with an office in Sacramento. With continued growth across Asia-Pacific and South Africa, Drayton Analytics transformed its business plan and its name. Energy Exemplar was launched in 2006.

Over the next eight years, Energy Exemplar continued to grow its customer base in the United States and Europe, and three additional regional offices opened to provide in-time-zone support. The company then achieved a significant milestone in January 2015 when the 1,000th installation of PLEXOS was completed, making it the most widely used, commercially integrated, energy market software in the world.

This significant growth trend caught the attention of the Riverside Company, a private equity group, which acquired Energy Exemplar in 2017. As part of its growth plan, Energy Exemplar acquired EPIS, LLC, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah that same year. The EPIS platform, Aurora, complemented the PLEXOS suite while the company also had significant brand recognition across the United States and Canada.

With its vision to merge these two companies into one global market leader, Energy Exemplar has more than doubled in size since 2017. It continues to grow and achieve its goal to become the leading end-to-end, integrated solution provider.

Through our vision to deliver exceptional decision insights to our customers in the global power industry through our leading technology platforms and passionate, engaged people, we have become:

  • Trusted as the de facto standard of ISOs and TSOs around the world
  • Tested and proven by the market’s largest network of 1,500 users
  • Chosen by more than 300 customers for multi-million-dollar decisions
  • Shared expertise and best practices across organizations in 52 countries
  • Skilled technical and customer support teams providing 24×5 support worldwide
  • Invested in the largest R&D team across the industry


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