Anna Geevarghese

Anna Geevarghese joined Energy Exemplar in October 2018. She is a veteran in the energy industry and brings more than 25 years of experience in production costing and transmission planning models, IoT and digital transformation. Anna was the first PLEXOS user in North America while working at CAISO as well as a major influencer in driving PLEXOS Nodal development.

Her previous tenure includes GE Power Digital as a Product Manager, Siemens PTI as a Software Manager to transmission planning software such as PSS(E), ABB Ventyx as a Senior Director of Product Management for a series of products and CAISO in developing transmission methodologies as well as many other software firms in the energy sector.

Anna brings her in-depth knowledge of the industry, global trends and variations in the marketplace to her role as the Product Manager for the Data Products, ISO strategies and other business development activities.

By education she is a mathematician, and by trade she is an engineer and analyst. Anna holds n MS degree in Operations Research from Stanford University, CA, USA and an MSc degree in Statistics and a BSc degree in Mathematics from Calicut University, Kerala, India.