John Scott brings more than 30 years of experience in power system analysis, planning and forecasting to the Energy Exemplar team. John began his career as a transmission planner at FPL, ultimately serving as the chair for the statewide Transmission Planning Task Force for the Florida Electric Coordinating Group (now the FRCC).

From there John transitioned to FPL’s generation production costing function, where he became the supervisor accountable for evaluating system enhancement benefits, calculating fuel cost recovery for ratepayers, and developing a cost-effective DSM portfolio for the company. John then joined the nascent FPL Energy (now NextEra Energy) as the Manager of Fundamental Analysis, helping to grow it into a national leader. After leaving FPL Energy, John worked as an independent consultant with engagements for IPP’s and capital venture groups. He provided these clients with service for software, analytics and advice to assist in decision making for transmission planning, DSM portfolio decisions, and/or generation asset investments.

John joined EPIS in 2006 as the Manager of Data. He then worked with the development team and held the position the VP of Development before taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer. John is now the Product Manager for the electricity applications of both Aurora and PLEXOS since the merger.

John received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and his MBA from the University of Florida.