Tricia Mikolai

Tricia Mikolai is an award-winning leader in marketing and communications. Throughout more than 20 years of experience, Tricia has worked with international businesses in Germany, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and across the APAC region, where she also served on global executive leadership teams.

Prior to joining Energy Exemplar in 2018, Tricia served as the Managing Director-Oceania of BI Worldwide, in which she led the sales, design and implementation teams that developed behaviour change programs for clients such as Medtronic, HP, Volkswagen, AIA and QBE. She began her career at BI Worldwide in 2007 as a solution designer of behaviour change programs for the healthcare industry and moved to Australia in 2013 where she grew her experience in the automotive, financial, FMCG and technology industries. Her “everyday” take on applied behavioural economics has made her a popular writer, thought leader and speaker on this topic for employee and sales audiences.
Tricia hails from Minnesota where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in English and her Master’s degree in Business Communication, both from the University of St. Thomas.