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David Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

David Wilson joined Energy Exemplar as CEO in Dec 2017 and brings his passion for the energy industry and creating an exceptional customer experiences to the organization.

He has 25 years of management and operational experience and has enjoyed roles at several leading companies including most recently McKinsey and Company where he led large scale transformations and earlier at GE Energy and Schlumberger.

Our History


In 1999 Glenn Drayton founded Drayton Analytics in Adelaide, Australia. With a team of experts in operations research, and economics, the company developed the initial version of PLEXOS and released it in mid-2000. With its strong co-optimization and mathematical framework simulating energy markets could now be done with unprecedented accuracy and robustness using linear programming and integrated mid and short-term simulation phases.


In 2001 the company gained a significant presence in Europe. PLEXOS was adopted by the Irish SEM as the de facto ‘standard’ simulator because of its ability to reproduce the optimisation-based market clearing operation of the market, and its open, auditable solution methods.


In 2004 an office was opened in Sacramento, CA under the name PLEXOS Solutions. PLEXOS rapidly evolved into a leading-edge transmission model and featured in the redesign of the California power market. PLEXOS Solutions also offered a range of consulting and data services around the PLEXOS product.


In 2006 the company expanded to provide software and services throughout the Asia-Pacific region and into southern Africa. On 29th June, Energy Exemplar Pty Ltd was Registered and assumed the role and responsibilities of Drayton Analytics Pty Ltd.


In June 2009, Energy Exemplar opened its 2nd regional office located in London and expanded the distribution, support, implementation and consulting roles for the PLEXOS product in the European region.


From January 2011, Energy Exemplar offered distribution, support, implementation and consulting roles for the PLEXOS product in the South American region. On the 5th August, Energy Exemplar acquired PLEXOS Solutions and expanded into the US market opening its 3rd regional office located in Roseville, California.


On April 1 2013 the company opened its 4th regional office located in Hartford, CT to support customers in the eastern interconnected system. On July 1, Energy Exemplar released a significant update to the PLEXOS software, introducing a fully integrated gas-electric co-optimisation with the availability of a commercial dataset making PLEXOS a truly powerful integrated energy simulation software. In August, Energy Exemplar became an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.


On April 1 2014, Energy Exemplar opened its 5th regional office, located in Johannesburg, South Africa to support customers in the African region.


In January 2015, installations of PLEXOS reached the 1000 milestone making it the most widely used commercial integrated energy market software in the world.


Riverside acquired Energy Exemplar in September 2017.


Energy Exemplar and US company EPIS, the makers of the Aurora simulation software, merge. The partnership creates the world's leading supplier of optimization-based simulation software.


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