Renewable Energy Integration


Renewable Energy Integration

Deep decarbonization begins with powerful simulation software.

Our software has kept pace with disruptive and innovative advancements in energy storage, smart grids and electric vehicles and offers life-like detail captured in sub-hourly simulations with correct solutions delivered through mixed integer programming as back-up generation steps in to fill the gaps left behind from intermittency.

Feature include:

  • Modeling of all variations of renewable energy and grid storage technologies.
  • Sub-hourly modeling (down to 1 second level) to represent intermittent generation.
  • Multi-commodity optimization by integrating multiple models.
  • Energy & ancillary services co-optimization with renewables.
  • Interleaved simulation to optimize unit commitment and economic dispatch of Day-Ahead and Real-Time markets and correctly value storage options.
  • Stochastic simulation to model uncertainties using Monte Carlo simulation or stochastic optimization.
  • Representation of detailed real life technical constraints.
  • Ability to simulate with forecast and actual data streams.