Transmission Modeling


Transmission Modeling

Optimize, analyze and plan around the impact of transmission operations, costs and constraints.

Our software is used extensively by Transmission System Operators (TSO) to optimize and analyse the impact of transmission operation and congestion costs. The ability to model optimal power flow (OPF) with losses is fully integrated with dispatch and unit commitment and expansion planning.

Features for transmission include:

  • Large interconnections of multiple ac and dc networks.
  • Loss modeling.
  • Security-constrained generator unit commitment (SCUC)
  • DC lines and phase shifters.
  • Generic constraints and interface limits, wheeling charges.
  • Transmission aggregation and network reduction.
  • Monte Carlo simulation outages and optimal transmission switching.
  • Local Marginal Price (LMP) decomposition.
  • Financial Transmission Rights (FTR) evaluation.
  • Nodal pricing and decomposition into energy, congestion and marginal loss components.
  • Integration with the long-term to provide optimal transmission and generation expansion solutions.
  • Optimal placement of grid-connected energy storage systems.

The dc OPF talks to PSS/E via a seamless import/export function between the two models.