Job Title: Nodal Market Modeling Analyst

Employment Type: Full-Time (40 hours / 5 days per week)

Position Available: Multiple

Location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA


The Role – Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Model the energy storage resource, provide logic and technical assessment to the renewable and non-renewable resource input assumptions of energy modeling software ‘AURORA’ & ‘PLEXOS’.
  • Perform transmission congestion risk analysis using different probability distributions, Monte Carlo and Latin Hypercube simulations.
  • Validate the forecasted/back casted nodal results by doing regression analysis, statistical tests and monitor the coefficient of determination.
  • Support existing and prospective clients in understanding the system characteristics, logic and optimization techniques used by the model.
  • Test features and enhancements of different versions of the model. Providing feedback and improvements for more optimized solution.
  • Calibrating the model to achieve accurate and realistic nodal market simulation imitating the actual market activities.
  • Developing scripts and automation (web scraping) for LMP prices and historical demand.


Application Instructions:

Mail CV to Attn: HR/Job #0927, Energy Exemplar LLC, 420 East South Temple, Suite 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.