The Eastern Interconnect dataset includes a calibrated, formatted, and comprehensive set of input data affecting generator dispatch, power flow, and locational power price formation for 97 regions in the Eastern U.S.

The East Interconnect dataset comes pre-loaded into PLEXOS. All surrounding intertie flows are modelled within PLEXOS. Each dataset includes, a) Dataset pre-loaded into PLEXOS, b) Relevant CSV Data Files, and c) Data Documentation. The default topology and data assumptions can be customized for individual client needs.

General Dataset Properties included are:

A. Generators. Generators are mapped to EIA Plant and Gen Codes as well as ISO sources (e.g., NYISO Gold Book). Generators are provided with common empirical operational attributes (e.g. Heat Rates, Min Stable Level, Min Up and Down Time, Start Costs, Mean Time To Repair, VO&M and FO&M Charges) based on the generator characteristics using trusted U.S. databases, reports, and market research. During benchmarking, the sum of the power plants capacity by fuel type is compared to the aggregated capacity listed in market reports to ensure the fundamental generator availability is captured. Furthermore, the aggregate generation by fuel type is evaluated with historical generation to ensure the generators are operating as expected.

B. Fuels. Historical and forecasted price for natural gas hubs, coal, oil and other fossil fuels are provided based on EIA Energy Outlooks and reports, NYMEX gas futures, and data subscriptions. Emission rates for CO2, SO2, NOX and HG are also provided as a function of fuel type and individual generators based on EPA CEMS data and market research.

C. Demand (Load Zone at hourly resolution). Demand forecasts are based on ISO reports and historical data. Monthly peak and energy is provided for each node over 30+ years. A base profile is derived nominally from three years of historical load. Together, these form the basis for the demand forecasts.

D. Constraints (Line Limits, Hydro Generation Limits). Transmission line limits and hydro generation limits are provided to capture constraints on the system.

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