“I’m optimizing my electric system but I know that affects the demand for gas”

“I want to co-optimize electricity and all the ancillary services markets along with my fuel and emissions”

Co-optimization models allow you to capture the full value chain from the gas production basin to the electricity load or further to water objects like a desalination plant.

Modelling stand alone commodities is a thing of the past. The world’s leading utilities and ISO’s use co-optimized models of electricity, gas and water to deliver better savings, better optimized plans and higher returns to stakeholders.

Contact us for information on:

  • Valuation of gas and electric storage options with dual fuel optimization.
  • Evaluation of gas and electric contingencies and the reliability impacts on the wider system.
  • Least cost Opex and Capex co-optimization of gas and electric expansion and retirements.
  • Full end to end LNG modeling and co-optimized with electricity.
  • Electricity and water co-optimization which captures the full co-generation MSF process to the desalination plant.