High Performance


High Performance

“How long does your software take to run 8760 on the Eastern Interconnect?”

“I need the optimal unit commitment and dispatch for my system computed in under one hour.”

Time is money and speed is king! Our customers demand the most sophisticated and detailed simulations computers and software can handle. Energy Exemplar invests heavily in R&D and much of this in making our simulators run faster.

How hard can it be to make the software run faster? Consider this example from Chile:

  • Hydro-thermal coordination problem
  • 10-year horizon
  • 55 years of historical hydro inflow histories
  • More than 100 storage reservoirs
  • 65,505 simulated scenarios in a complex scenario tree of possible futures

The mathematical problem solved in this case if printed on paper would tower 10 times higher than Mt Everest and PLEXOS solves it in under four hours!

Energy Exemplar software is the fastest around, but you can expect continued breathtaking speed improvements in the future.