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NRG is Energy Exemplar’s global health and well-being program. NRG is about celebrating and improving the health, well-being and quality of life for all employees and recognising that Energy Exemplar’s staff are its greatest asset. We have a holistic approach when it comes to well-being and to do this we have a variety of benefits we offer our staff globally.

'At Energy Exemplar we want the best for our staff, not just the best from them’

Weekly group fitness class

Weekly yoga session

Fruit and healthy snacks in offices


News & People Stories

Nathan's Successful Transfer to the UK

Having returned to Adelaide following a stint of two years in Edinburgh, I was keen to see how things would compare being back in Australia. It quickly became apparent that, in spite of the warmer weather and proximity to city beaches, my preference was for the UK. Aware that Energy Exemplar had offices in London and that the company was often open to people working remotely, I requested a transfer. This was met with a positive response right from the start and, while logistics took longer than perhaps anyone expected, eventually the right forms were requested and the correct paperwork submitted. From there on it was smooth sailing.

One other motivation for the move was the chance to work with and learn from colleagues who had more experience with PLEXOS than myself. Ever since arriving I have tried to make the most of such opportunities. What I had underestimated, however, was the value of my own experience. With the rapid growth of the London office, and the travelling responsibilities of other members of the team, I have very much enjoyed the chance to support new starters who have come onboard. And while London will never be as sunny as Adelaide, I can safely say that I have made the right choice!

Navneet V - Recruitment Story

I came to know about the Algorithm Developer role at Energy Exemplar through my contact Tom O’Meara. I had worked with Tom before and he graciously forwarded my resume to the Performance & Culture Team. After submitting my resume, I got my first call within a week. The call was very friendly conversation about my career goals and my past experience. The next contact was a Zoom conference with the Chief Product Officer. I asked various questions about the company, strategy and also told the interviewer what sort of environment would be best suited to me. What struck me was the honesty and forthrightness of the person at the other end. All the interviewers were friendly and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. I would also mention that the P&C team was also very helpful in answering various questions about benefits and my impending move from Georgia to Salt Lake City. Throughout my hiring, I felt that people were willing to work with me given my constraints.

Since joining Energy Exemplar on the 9th of September 2019, it has been great. The work culture is awesome. My team mates and office mates are collaborative and it is all about team work to accomplish things for our clients. I am also blessed with some great leaders who take time to explain various aspects of business.