May 12th at 11:00 JST

Online Seminar: Japan Electricity Dataset

To present and demonstrate PLEXOS and the Japan Electricity Dataset, Energy Exemplar will host an Online Seminar for Energy Exemplar customers and interested companies.

“Completion of Phase 1 of the Japan electricity dataset will allow our customers to leverage PLEXOS to gain deep insight into market opportunities in Japan’s power market” said Stuart Kelly, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific.

“This is a major step in Energy Exemplar’s investment in Japan’s energy markets”, continued Kelly.

The comprehensive Japan electricity market dataset used in conjunction with each company’s proprietary data enables a single-unified platform for short, medium, and long-term analysis and optimization planning. The dataset and PLEXOS solution provide auditable results for sub hourly generation dispatch optimization, renewable and storage impact modeling, price forecasting, budget optimization, long-term capacity expansion and maintenance planning and many other decision support applications.

The PLEXOS webinar will be hosted by Andrew Blanco, Solutions Engineer and Senior Market Analyst for Energy Exemplar Asia Pacific and Steven Thomas, Representative Director of Japan. The webinar will be interactive providing the opportunity for questions and answers.