Topic – “Modelling Electricity Generation & Transmission Systems’ Adequacy”

During the last 5 years it has become more and more evident that renewables extensive growth into the European energy systems has changed the whole landscape of the European energy industry.

Renewables Integration brought not only the social benefits coming from a cleaner energy mix and a more sustainable energy future but also the challenges of their optimum use and best integration into the existing energy infrastructure and its future optimum evolution.

One of the main challenges that this extensive renewables integration brought is its short and long term effects on the European Generation & Transmission Systems’ reliability, adequacy and resiliency.

In this webinar we will explore and discuss the current and future challenges imposed on European Energy Systems evolution from the ever increasing renewables integration into the energy mix, as well as on how these challenges should be practically addressed from a policies, markets and technology perspective towards a more sustainable energy future.


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