28 May 2020 - 12.30pm GMT


Webinar broadcast date: Thursday, 28 May 2020

08h30 New York | 12h30 GMT | 13h30 London | 14h30 Amsterdam | 14h30 Johannesburg | 18h30 New Delhi | 20h30 Singapore | 22h30 Melbourne



How do you plan for the future when there is so much uncertainty and so many competing needs?

Oil price collapse, huge growth in renewables and demand, the need for sustainable development and push for an integrated system covering power, gas and water. Can Africa have it all?

Africa’s policy and regulatory decisions will alter the path of Africa’s Energy Infrastructure for decades to come. The tremendous demand for power at a time of low oil prices and the desire for sustainable energy development and integrated energy systems are in fierce competition.

This live discussion will inform policy, regulatory, utilities planning officials and consultants on the approaches to balance public policy and economics. It will also provide information on the necessary tools and approaches to analyse the future state scenarios to integrated energy future.

Confirmed Webinar Panel:

Prem Ramachandran, Head of Solutions, EMEA | Energy Exemplar
Grigorios (Greg) Varympopiotis, Managing Consultant | Economic Consulting Associates Ltd
Dr. Asami Miketa, Senior Programme Officer, Power Sector Investment Planning | International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Ville Rimali, Director: Growth & Development, Africa & Europe | Wärtsilä, Energy Business


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