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Taking a Closer Look at Emissions Control and Health Outcomes with High Resolution Modeling

This modeling study demonstrates that lowering coal power plant emissions delivers at least a 60-fold ROI to public health; presented by Dr. Daniel B. Howard, Energy Researcher, Clean Tech Entrepreneur and Advisor to Global Clean Tech Organizations.

Watch this webinar presenting how these insights were revealed in a case study of northeast Brazil:

  • Health benefits of tighter PM emission standards exceed control costs by a factor >60
  • Over 16,000 hospital admissions, 168 premature mortalities and over US$1.2 billion dollars in healthcare costs avoided
  • Benefits and costs compared for high, medium, low and very low emission standards
  • The cost-benefit analysis holds even in a region compliant with WHO air quality guidelines
  • Applications in developed and developing countries

Dr. Howard’s research focuses on energy system optimization including health and environmental impacts and paradigm shifts in energy planning. As a fellow for the National Science Foundation, he developed an innovative methodology to assess the impacts of high penetrations of variable renewable energy on a country’s health, climate and electricity grid.