How Great Was That?

On 20th & 21st of April 2021, Energy Exemplar kicked off its annual user group meetings with our EMEA audience. If you want to recreate your experience or see something that you missed, you can log onto our event page:

Due to Covid, this year’s regional user group meetings are being held virtually. And while we’d prefer to have the opportunity to bring the same experience where you can learn from each other and get ‘hands on’ with the latest features and upgrades in PLEXOS, being virtual offers a new opportunity.

PLEXOS has gained a reputation for being the ultimate modelling solution for the energy industry, but we don’t want you to take our word for it. We want you to hear from the experts who utilize PLEXOS in their daily lives to make critical decisions that ensure that the world can keep the lights on, today, tomorrow and in the future.

This year’s presenters include:

Day 1:
Rodrigo Barbosa, Senior Planning Specialist @ ENTSOE – Bid Zone Review Project
Jacques Reberol, Modelling Subject Manager, System Development, Ph.D @ ENTSOG – European Gas and Market Modelling
John Dimitropoulos, Director @ Grant Thornton – Power and Gas Sector Coupling in South Eastern Europe
Emanuele Taibi, Power Sector Transformation Strategies @ IRENA – Sector Coupling at Scale: Modeling a Global Green Hydrogen Market
Paul Deane, Research Fellow @ University College of Cork – Using PLEXOS to Understand the Impact of Extreme Weather Events on Power Systems
Luke Humphry, Senior Manager @ Baringa – PLEXOS as Part of Whole Energy System Modelling for Net-Zero

Day 2:
Tom Lyons, Senior Network Forecasting Engineer @ Gas Networks Ireland – Assessing Ireland’s Gas Network Capacity Requirements
Milad Yousef, Strategic Projects & Development Advisor @ DoE Abu Dhabi – PLEXOS Use Case for Managing Power & Water Optimization in UAE
Bart Stoffer, Global Service Line Leader – Energy Markets & Technology @ DNV – Power Markets & Network Modelling
Fred Beelitz, Managing Director @ Economic Consulting Associates – Insight Into the Restructuring of the Israeli Power Market

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