The Team

Glenn Drayton PhD

Founder and Chief Software Designer
Glenn’s experience in power system modelling and economics spans over 20 years. He was involved in the design of the New Zealand, Australian and Singapore power markets, in particular the energy-ancillary services co-optimisation. Glenn started Drayton Analytics (now called Energy Exemplar) in 1999 to produce a next-generation power market model based entirely on optimisation, the result being PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model (PLEXOS). Glenn obtained his BSc(Hons) in operations research, and PhD in management science from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. As Technical Advisor Glenn focuses on strategic concepts and developments and long-term product direction. He specialises in mathematical optimisation applied to power system planning.

David Wilson

Chief Executive Officer
David joined as CEO in Dec 2017 and brings his passion for the energy industry and creating an exceptional customer experiences to Energy Exemplar. He has 25 years of management and operational experience and has enjoyed roles at several leading companies including most recently McKinsey and Company where he led large scale transformations and earlier at GE Energy and Schlumberger.

David Llewellyn

Chief Technology Officer
David is a key developer for the PLEXOS product, with a deep understanding of the technical and mathematical underpinnings of the engine. He has been working for Energy Exemplar (previously Drayton Analytics) since 2003. Prior to joining Energy Exemplar he worked, as a software engineer, developing real time monitoring, scheduling and optimization software for Sony. He also has experience developing software for the manufacturing, financial and entertainment sectors. He obtained his BSc(Hons) in information technology from the University of Glamorgan, UK.

Christos Papadopoulos PhD

Regional Director – Europe
Dr Papadopoulos has more than 25 years full research & academic experience accompanied with a related industrial and business development experience in the wider energy technologies & energy markets’ sectors. He served for several years as an assistant professor in natural gas technology & management in Kavala Institute of Technology, Greece, where he also undertook various administrative posts as head of sector, vice-head of department as well as member of the board of the Institute’s Research Council, but also as an adjunct professor in the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA). His key skills and specialties are in the fields of oil, natural gas, alternative fuels, thermo-fluids & power and in particular in relevant technology management and economics, uncertainty & risk analysis, modelling and data quality management, measurements’ management (Smart/Intelligent/Complex), applied engineering mathematics & computing and demand forecasting & response, where he has made a number of relevant publications that have received up to date and several citations.
He is currently managing the administration of Energy Exemplar’s European business operation and business development, while he is also actively involved in the application and use of PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model and its advanced stochastic programming features in European energy systems’ and markets’ analysis and optimisation.

Milorad Zecevic

Director Asia & Global Marketing
Milorad is one of Australia’s most well known energy traders with more than 15 years of experience in the market. His highly successful commercial use of PLEXOS at one of Australia’s largest energy companies highlights the importance of PLEXOS in risk management and portfolio optimisation. Milorad is an important asset to new and existing PLEXOS users. His expertise extend to investment valuations and he has also played a key role in asset acquisitions around the world. He has degrees in economics and banking and international finance.

Steven Broad PhD

Regional Director – North America
Dr. Steven Broad has more than 15 years of experience working in the area of scientific computing and applied mathematics. He has deep experience in energy market simulation and forecasting, especially in the areas of short-term portfolio optimization and scheduling, economic assessment of transmission in nodal energy markets, energy market competitiveness metrics (such as RSI/HHI duration curves, and CMCP markup analysis), stochastic analysis of energy and gas futures and options, the development of market pricing algorithms, and extensive experience in the development of custom scheduling and optimization software systems for clients in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He has built value for clients in the roles of software engineer, implementation lead, consultant, and market analyst. Prior to joining Energy Exemplar, Dr. Broad was a professor of mathematics at Saint Mary’s College, a market monitoring analyst at CAISO, and a senior programmer/analyst at Henwood Energy Services (now part of Ventyx, an ABB company). Dr. Broad received his PhD in mathematics from the University of Notre Dame, holds master’s degrees in mathematics from University of Notre Dame and Washington University in St Louis, and received his BS in physics and applied mathematics from the University of Evansville.

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