Aurora is a data and simulation platform for electricity market price forecasting and analysis, with ease of use that allows you to get up and running in minimum time.

Aurora is a comprehensive and reliable electricity price forecasting and analysis tool. Aurora empowers you to produce electric market price forecasts, value and uncertainty analyses, and automated system optimization, all backed by one of the finest databases available.

Industry professionals developed Aurora to model a dynamic and volatile marketplace. No other product combines state-of-the-art technology, industry experience, and a user-friendly interface.

Aurora enables the highest level of software integration, model control and ease of data exchange, saving you time and money.

Aurora is used for…

Generation Planning / Utility Budgeting

  • Integrated resource planning
  • Budget projections
  • Detailed generator analysis

Market Assessment / Strategy

  • Price forecasting at zonal and nodal level
  • Market design & policy analysis
  • Scenario based and probabilistic treatment of inputs

Trading Support

  • Short term analysis (often nodal)
  • FTR analysis
  • Easily incorporating data feeds (i.e. highly automatable and customizable)

Transmission Planning

  • Identifying frequency and value of constraints
  • Assessing production cost impacts
  • Infrastructure studies