Commercial Publications

Optimizing the Operation of Co-generation Plants in a Common Model of Power and Gas Systems (2019)
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The Feasibility of Cost-Effective Gas Through Network Interconnectivity: Possibility of Pipe-Dream? (2019)
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South Africa DoE Uses PLEXOS for IRP 2019 (2019)
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Health Benefits and Control Costs of Tightening Particulate Matter Emissions Standards for Coal Power Plants - The Case of Northeast Brazil (2019)
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Fuel Security Analysis: A PJM Resilience Initiative (2019)
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IRENA Renewable Energy Market Analysis - Southeast Asia (2018)
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NREL Cost-Effectiveness of Grid Energy Storage Technologies in Current and Future U.S. Power Systems (2018)
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Renewable Energy Prospects for the European Union (2018)
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Implementation of Framework for Renewables at the State Level (2018)
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AEMO Observations: Operational and Market Challenges to Reliability and Security in the NEM (2018)
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SA Energy Transformation ROT-T (2018)
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NREL Interconnection Seams Study (2018)
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Greening the Grid: Pathways To Integrate 175 Gigawatts of Renewable Energy into India’s Electric Grid (2017)
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MISO/PJM Joint Modeling Case Study: Clean Power Analysis (2017)
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The Value of Energy Storage and Demand Response for Renewable Integration in California (2017)
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An Integrated Gas and Electricity Model of the EU Energy System to Examine Supply Interruptions (2017)
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NREL Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study (2016)
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MISO's Analysis of EPA's Final Clean Power Plan Study Report (2016)
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Impact of Novel and Disruptive Approaches/Technologies on a Distribution Utility: A Kenyan Case Study (2016)
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Utah Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Project Phase 1 – Economic Evaluation using PLEXOS (2016)
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Integrated Renewable Power Gas Heat (DH) Systems Markets Coordination and Co-optimization using PLEXOS (2015)
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Different Types of Electricity Markets Modeled Using PLEXOS Integrated Energy Model – The UK Balancing Market Example (2015)
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Managing Risks and Optimising an Energy Portfolio with PLEXOS (2015)
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Analysing the Effect of LNG Exports on the Australian East Coast Gas Market Capacity Using PLEXOS (2015)
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Network Constraints for Competing Renewable Power Plants in a Resource Rich Area (2015)
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Evaluating the Operational and Market Risks for Complex Energy Portfolios and New Energy Investments Optimisation in Europe (2015)
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Gas Power Plant Fuel Requirements and Uncertainty Considering Increasing Renewables Penetration (2015)
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Bridging the Power Gap in Africa: Testing Options to Manage Constrained Short to Medium Term System Operations (2015)
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Electrical Energy Storage to make Wind and Solar PV Resources Dispatchable (2015)
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Gas Power Plant Fuel Requirements and Uncertainty Considering Increasing Renewables Penetration (2015)
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PLEXOS Integrated Energy Model: Modelling the Impact of LNG Demand on the East Coast Gas Market (2015)
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Energy Planning and Development in Malaysian Borneo: Assessing the Benefits of Distributed Technologies Versus Large Scale Energy Mega-Projects (2015)
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Hydro Cascade & Storage Optimisation utilising PLEXOS (2015)
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The Impact of Sub-hourly Modeling in Power Systems with Significant Levels of Renewable Generation (2014)
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Stochastic Optimisation for Simulation of Electricity Markets (2014)
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GHG and Pollution Modeling in PLEXOS (2014)
(390KB) Download
Energy Efficiency and Demand-Response in PLEXOS (2014)
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Hydro Optimization in PLEXOS (2014)
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Over the Transmission Hurdle: Assessing Electrical Transmission Constraints for the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) in PLEXOS (2014)
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Renewable Generation Integration Study by PLEXOS (2014)
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Reliability Analysis Using PLEXOS (2014)
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Portfolio Optimization by PLEXOS (2014)
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Addressing the Challenges of US Electricity & Gas Sector Using PLEXOS Integrated Energy Model (2014)
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Analysing the Demand – Supply Dynamics of the Australian South Eastern Gas Market Using PLEXOS (2014)
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Flexible Power Generation and Interconnection Capacity Needs of the Italian Power System Using PLEXOS LT Plan (2014)
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Developing an Integrated Energy Model for the Eastern African Power Pool (EAPP) (2014)
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Buffering the Demand Shocks – Integrated Gas Electric Optimisation Considering Gas Storage (2014)
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Incorporating Flexibility in Utility Resource Planning (2014)
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Power System Optimization by Increased Flexibility (2014)
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PLEXOS Study of the Italian Power System and Market in the Medium-term: Realities and Expectations of Renewables Integration (2014)
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Risk Constrained Integrated Resource Planning with LT Plan (2014)
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Integrated Resource Planning with PLEXOS - A Workshop in Morocco (2014)
(1741KB) Download
Analysis of the Australian South Eastern Gas System using PLEXOS (2014)
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Adjustable Speed Pumped-Storage Hydro-Generator (PSH) Evaluation by PLEXOS (2014)
(1803KB) Download
Modeling the Impact of Renewables’ Integration in Energy Systems and Markets and the Need for Flexible Reserves and Associated Pricing (2014)
(2269KB) Download
Physical Energy Assets Valuation and Portfolio Optimisation with PLEXOS (2014)
(2301KB) Download
Links Between the VG Forecast and the Unit Commitment Programs and Associated Algorithms – A Vendor Perspective (2014)
(599KB) Download
Benefits of Chronological Optimization in Long-Term Planning for Electricity Markets using PLEXOS Simulation Software (2014)
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Forecasting Power and Gas Prices on Various Time Frames and Resolution with PLEXOS (2014)
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Redpoint Energy Generation Planning and Optimisation Toolkit (2014)
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Gas Power Investments and Portfolios (2014)
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Modeling and Analysis of Value of Advanced Pumped Storage Hydropower in the United States (2014)
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Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Pumped-Storage Hydropower Technologies and their Contributions to the Power System (2014)
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Geothermal Power for Integration of Intermittent Generation (2014)
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Integrated Stochastic Weather and Production Simulation Modeling (2014)
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ECOFYS – Energy Storage Opportunities and Challenges (2014)
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Regulatory Approval Process: Fuel Forecasting with Plexos & Modeling Dynamic Reactive Reserve Constraints (2014)
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Balancing Authority Cooperation Concepts to Reduce Variable Generation Integration Costs in the Western Interconnection Intra-Hour Scheduling (2013)
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Examination of Potential Benefits of an Energy Imbalanced Market in the Western Interconnection (2013)
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Analysing the Effects of Future Generation and Grid Investments on the Spanish Power Market, with Large Scale Wind Integration (2013)
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Transmission Planning and Renewable Integration Examples Using PLEXOS (2013)
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Investigation the Economic Value of Flexible Solar Power Plant Operation
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Research Papers

Comparing negative emissions and high renewable scenarios for the European power system (2020)
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An Analysis of the Impacts of Wind Power Penetration in the Power System of Southern Brazil (2019)
(1510KB) Download
Derivation of Robust Storage Targets for Large Scale Pumped Hydro Energy Storage using PLEXOS (2017)
(6822KB) Download
Study of Battery Systems for Frequency Regulation in the Australian National Electricity Market (2016)
(11480KB) Download
Transmission Expansion Planning Under Uncertainty (2015)
(4030KB) Download
Energy Transmission Expansion Planning in the Australian Context: an Integrated Solution for the Gas and Electricity Markets (2014)
(2903KB) Download
Distributed vs. Centralized Energy Storage for Power System Applications (2014)
(2517KB) Download
Nuclear Technology R&D Strategies in an Era of Energy Price Uncertainty (2014)
(504KB) Download
Impact of Renewable Energy Sources in the European Gas System (2014)
(836KB) Download
Investigation of Factors Driving the Costs of Operating the 2020 Irish Power System with Large-scale Wind Generation (2014)
(1851KB) Download
Generation Capacity Expansion Planning under Hydro Uncertainty Using Stochastic Mixed Integer Programming and Scenario Reduction (2014)
(408KB) Download
A Grid-Level Unit Commitment Assessment of High Wind Penetration and Utilization of Compressed Air Energy Storage in ERCOT (2014)
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Impact of Intermittent Generation on Frequency Control Ancillary Services (2013)
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Electricity Market Framework for Renewable and Distributed Generation (2013)
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Evaluating the Contribution of Intermittent Generation to Power System Adequacy at Different Demand Levels (2013)
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Stochastic Unit Commitment Model considering a high penetration of photovoltaic solar plants: Case of the Northern Interconnected System in Chile
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Modeling Generator Constraints for the Self-scheduling Problem
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