Research Publications

Ancillary services modelling
Title: Impact of Intermittent Generation on Frequency Control Ancillary Services
Authors: J. Chaney & G. Verbic
Year Published: 2013

Distributed Generation
Title: Electricity Market Framework for Renewable and Distributed Generation
Author: M. Conley
Year Published: 2013

Electric vehicles
Title: Impacts of Electric Vehicle charging under electricity market operations
Authors: A. Foley, B. Tyther, P. Calnan, B.P O’Gallachóir
Year Published: 2012

Electricity and Gas Cooptimization

Energy Storage
Title: Distributed vs. Centralized Energy Storage for Power System Applications
Authors: N. Gueissaz & D. Flynn
Year Published: 2014

Europe Integrated Gas and Electricity Model
Title: An integrated gas and electricity model of the EU energy system to examine supply interruptions
Authors: J.P. Deane, M. Ó Ciaráin, B.P. Ó Gallachóir
Year Published: 2017

Generator operational constraints
Title: Modelling generator constraints for the self-scheduling problem
Author: Jiří Šumbera
Supervisor: doc. Mgr. Ing. Martin Dlouhý, Dr., MS,

Hydro Modelling
Title: Derivation of Robust Storage Targets for Large Scale Pumped Hydro Energy Storage using PLEXOS
Authors: J.P. Deane, E.J. McKeogh & B.P.O. Gallachóir
Year Published: 2010

Nuclear technology
Title: Nuclear Technology R&D Strategies in an Era of Energy Price Uncertainty
Authors: C. van der Hoeven, E. Schneider, R. Morneau, & J. Parga
Year Published: 2014

Pumped Storage
Title: Design of a Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage (PHES) System for Jordan
Author: Anas Aref Al-Garalleh
Year Published: 2017


Renewable energy impact
Title: Whitepaper – Impact of Renewable Energy Sources in the European Gas System
Authors: J.M Cardona
Year Published: 2014

Solar and battery storage integration
Title: The Impact of Rooftop Solar PV and Battery Storage on National Electricity Market
Authors: N. Sheilawatie Saiful Azhar & G. Verbic
Year Published: 2013

Stochastic generation capacity expansion planning

Subhourly modelling
Title: The impact of sub-hourly modelling in power systems with significant levels of renewable generation
Author: J.P. Deane, G. Drayton & B.P.O. Gallachóir
Year Published: 2014

Transmission planning
Title: Transmission Expansion Planning Under Uncertainty
Author: N. Mavroeidis
Year Published: 2015

Unit Commitment + renewable penetration

Wave Power
Title: Modelling the economic impacts of 500MW of wave power in Ireland
Authors: J.P. Deane, G.Dalton, B.P.O. Gallachóir
Year Published: 2012

Wind + pumped storage integration
Title: Wind Following with Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage in New Brunswick
Authors: Dorji Namgyel
Year Published: 2012

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