Case Studies

High Resolution Modeling Uncovered €4.5B Costs Across the EU Power System
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Utility Reduces Fuel Costs by 6% Per Annum
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Interconnection Seams Study Delivers $1B in Value
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MISO Uses PLEXOS to Find Wind-Hydro Synergy
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Minimizing Cost While Meeting Demand with Power and Water in the Middle East
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NREL Finds Value in Energy Storage to the Grid
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PLEXOS Provides Sophisticated Dispatch Optimization Tool
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Stochastic Optimization Used for Power and Water Co-optimization in South Australia
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White Papers and eBooks

Stochastic Multi-stage Hydro Optimization: Better Choices Across Inflow Uncertainty (White Paper)
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How to Build a Business Case for Market Forecasting and Analysis Software (eBook)
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Energy Storage: How to Make the Right Moves and the Right Time (eBook)
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Energy Exemplar Brochures

PLEXOS Electricity
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Datasets for North America
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Datasets for Mexico
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PLEXOS Connect
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Datasets for Europe
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Commercial Publications

The Feasibility of Cost-Effective Gas Through Network Interconnectivity: Possibility of Pipe-Dream? (2019)
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Health Benefits and Control Costs of Tightening Particulate Matter Emissions Standards for Coal Power Plants - The Case of Northeast Brazil (2019)
(2012KB) Download
Fuel Security Analysis: A PJM Resilience Initiative (2019)
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IRENA Renewable Energy Market Analysis - Southeast Asia (2018)
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All Publications

Research Papers

Derivation of Robust Storage Targets for Large Scale Pumped Hydro Energy Storage using PLEXOS (2017)
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Study of Battery Systems for Frequency Regulation in the Australian National Electricity Market (2016)
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Transmission Expansion Planning Under Uncertainty (2015)
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