Customised Demos

Energy Exemplar offers a vast selection of the most up-to-date and highly advanced customised demos of its class-leading integrated electric power, water and gas market simulation software, PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model. Please click on your preferred demo from the list below to find out more or if you would like to schedule a demo please contact us.

We also offer customised trainings based on the demos listed below. If you would like to arrange a customised training please contact us.

Long Term Modelling

In this demo you will learn the fundamentals of generation and transmission expansion planning and how it can be modelled in PLEXOS.

PASA (Projected Assessment of System Adequacy)

This demo portrays the application of PASA to schedule maintenances for the subsequent simulation phases MT and ST.

Medium Term

In this demo you will learn how Medium Term requirements can be included and the simplifications required to reduce the size of the optimisation problem.

Short Term

This demo provides knowledge on how short term simulations can be configured.

Unit Commitment

In this demo you will learn how technical generator characteristics can be modelled in unit commitment analysis and how they affect decisions across time.

Security Constraint Unit Commitment (SCUC)

In this demo you will learn how to set up a model to analyse contingencies and how they affect the optimal unit commitment and dispatch solution subject to the transmission being feasible if any defined contingency.

Ancillary Services Overview

This demo portrays the different ancillary services supported by PLEXOS and how the energy-ancillary service Co-optimisation works to find the optimal solution that meets energy and reserve requirements.

Transmission Modelling

This demo communicates the techniques in how to model transmission in PLEXOS, the simplifications made to analyse load power flows in optimisation problems and how transmission losses are incorporated in the model.

Renewable Energies Modelling

This demo illustrates how to include renewable variable resources such as wind and solar in PLEXOS and how uncertainty resource can be modelled.

CCGT Detailed Representation

In this demo you will learn how to model combined-cycle plant by explicitly tying the waste heat output of one or more units to the heat input of another unit.

CHP and District Heating

This demo portrays how a simultaneous production of electric power and heat requirements can be modelled.

Fuel Contracts

This demo communicates how to include take or pays contracts and availability fuel requirements in an optimisation problem.

Portfolio Optimisation

In this demo you will learn how to do portfolio optimisation analysis when some or all the commodity prices are known, so the objective is to maximise portfolio profit.

Physical Contracts

This demo portrays how physical contracts can be modelled, where a physical contract represents external generation and/or load that can be optimised according to an offer function and other constraints.

Heat Rate Modelling

This demo illustrates how PLEXOS treats different heat rates curve to represent fuel offtake calculations.

Pollution Abatements Technologies Modelling

In this demo you will learn how abatements technologies such as FGD, ESP and PAC can be included in an optimisation problem to scrub one or more emission types from combustion gases.

Load Forecasting

This demo illustrates the builder method to forecast load for future years assuming a base profile, energy and peak load forecasts.

Outages and Repair Distributions

This demo communicates how to model planned, random outages, and the available repair distributions to model time to repair.

Reliability Calculations

In this demo you will learn how LOLP, LOLE, EENS and EDNS reliability indices can be calculated.

Hydro Thermal Coordination

This demo illustrates how PLEXOS model hydro thermal coordination problems and how handles inflow uncertainty.

Pumped Storage Modelling

This demo portrays how pumped storage can be modelled to store energy in form of water, pumped from a lower elevation reservoir to a higher elevation.

Competition Methods

In this demo you will learn how a general overview of the algorithms used to analyse competition: Long Run Marginal Cost Recovery, Bertrand, RSI and Nash-Cournot.

Demand Side Participation Modelling

In this demo you will gain knowledge how to model demand side participation or load that can be dispatched – off at a certain price, in addition smart load concept will be introduced.

Uniform Pricing and Uplift Methods

In this demo you will learn how uniform pricing method is computed to produce a single market price (SMP) and the process to re-establishes constraint to produce the final feasible results. About uplift the different methods supported will be introduced and how they are computed to recover no-load cost and Start & Shutdown costs.

Stochastic Optimisation

In this demo you will gain knowledge on how to include stochastic optimisation and its possible applications in energy markets. 2 stages and Multistage approaches will be described.

Interleaved Simulations

This demo illustrates interleaved simulation concepts to pass data both ways between models. This is useful to analyse for example “day-ahead” and “real time models” where day ahead pass the unit commitment and any other required information to the “real time” Model to cover one simulation day. Once the real-time model has completed, that day it will pass initial conditions back to day ahead Model.

Gas Model

PLEXOS brings together electric and gas models. The gas model provides the capability to model the costs and constraints of gas delivery from its source fields via a network of pipelines, through storages to meet demands including those in the electric model doing a co-optimisation of gas and electricity markets. This demo cover the main gas features to perform an electric – gas co-optimisation.

Heat Storage & Electric Boilers

CHP generators can be configured to store heat. An electric boiler is a type of boiler where heat in the form of steam, is generated using electricity rather than through the combustion of a fuel. This demo shows how heat storage and electric boilers can be included in PLEXOS.

Customisation mathematical problem

PLEXOS offers generic constraints and decision variables libraries to customise the optimisation problem. This demo shows applications of these libraries to add user customisation to particular studies.

PLEXOS Connect

PLEXOS Connect is the client – server edition of PLEXOS. This demo shows how PLEXOS Connect works to collaborate with a team of PLEXOS users.

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