PLEXOS® Training Courses

Energy Exemplar conducts regular training courses in PLEXOS and PLEXOS® Connect. The Energy Exemplar team has a wealth of experience in electric power, water and gas market modelling, and can conduct training courses tailored to your needs, and to the markets you are most interested in. Please contact us for more information.

Recently people have been saying…

Great course – customised and tailored to what we needed–Farhad Billimoria

Really great [training] when done in a small group. Use of hands on examples solidified understanding–Manisha Senadeera

In-depth explanation of the GUI and parameter flexibility of Plexos. Open details of formulation–Gonzalo Ramirez

Very insightful with a hands-on approach. The interphase allows you to discover things for yourself and learn–Alex Alegria

Great training. Now I have a clean picture of PLEXOS’ potential–George Wenzel

Excellent course for obtaining a whole picture of applied problems’ resolution–Cristian Ortega

PLEXOS is a unique tool to solve complex electricity problems, it is very useful and easy to use with a user friendly interface–Diego Torralva

The PLEXOS training was totally useful and a great opportunity to learn more about its uses–Mariana Vargas

Upcoming PLEXOS Trainings

2018 PLEXOS User Group Meeting – Eagan, Minneapolis

2018 PLEXOS User Group Meeting – Eagan, Minneapolis

MISO EAGAN Conference Center
Energy Exemplar is offering a two-day Advanced training course in PLEXOS version 7 followed by a User Group Meeting on t…
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2018 PLEXOS® BEGINNER Training – London, UK

2018 PLEXOS® BEGINNER Training – London, UK

Regus, Business Park
Energy Exemplar is offering a 3-day Beginner training course in PLEXOS version 7.5

Venue and Date/s:

Where: Regus, Busin…
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Past Year Training Testimonials

2016 NLDC Advanced Training

TPLEXOS is a good tool and with proper modelling, data and assumption, it can provide good optimal dispatch schedule to user to economise their resources.Chandan Kumar

The coverage of the training course was vast and gives an idea of the huge capability of PLEXOS software.
Mohit Joshi

The training was very energizing, with in-depth knowledge and case studies. Was explained very nicely.
Paresh Khandelwal

It was a great experience learning PLEXOS at NLDC Advanced training. PLEXOS is so vast that we could model power system models in detail for better analysis.
Vamshi Ballikonda

2016 First Gen Corporation Customised Training

Very comprehensive training.
Kevin Kabamalan

It was a very informative training. Topics and examples are relevant to First Gen’s operations.
Christian Jebulan

2016 ECM Advanced Training

The training course is very comprehensive. Thank you Jo Ann for delivering a good presentation.
Hajar Atikah

A good software for optimisation of power generation.
Nor Haziana Isahak

Trainer is very knowledgeable and the syllabus compact and very informative, in short it’s real value for money.
Louster Lausin Jeffery (SESB)

2016 AEMO Advanced Training

Energy Exemplar training module “Advanced” is highly recommended.
Rimjhim Kapoor

2016 TNB Advanced Training

This training provided me with sufficient examples and exercises and enabled me to understand PLEXOS better.
Muhamad Ifwan

The training was excellent in bringing lots of ideas, concrete examples, analysis and exercises.
Adzli Maher

2015 Philippine Department of Energy Beginner Training

Excellent presentation of PLEXOS software on energy market modelling.
Mrs T Julongbayan

A great tool for energy planners.
Nielson Asedillo

The training was very helpful and thorough in teaching the users how to use PLEXOS effectively.
Jonathan de la Vina

2015 CLP Power Hong Kong Intermediate Training

I liked the course design with plenty of hands on exercises in which I got better understanding of the topics while getting familiar with PLEXOS at the same time.
Winnie Lan

2015 NLDC Beginner Training – India

PLEXOS – Complete energy solution.
L Sharath Chand

Training enlightened me to study again operation Research application in power system.
Raj Kumar

PLEXOS software is a tool through which one can learn about power system and utilise in their professional career also.
Dr Maruthi Prasanna

Training and trainer both were great and very informative. Thanks EE..
Amit K Singh

2015 Curso de planeación utilizando Mexico PLEXOS® Integrated Energy Model Training

During planning with the PLEXOS model, besides showing the potential of the model to simulate energy markets, PLEXOS also gave us an overview of how these markets operate. Thanks Felipe for your professional knowledge and services. PLEXOS is certainly one of the tools the company has to adopt for planning.
Jesus Moctezuma Bonilla

2015 AEMO PLEXOS Beginner Training

Both trainers were patient and knowledgeable. I learnt a lot from them to assist with my job.
Frank Zhuo

2015 Tacoma Power Beginner Training

Was well worth the time and resources. Training staff was well organised and responsive to our organisational needs.
Chris Joshua

2015 USA PLEXOS Beginner & Intermediate Training

Overall, a worthwhile investment of time and money.
Richard Jensen

Its a great tool and the PLEXOS team is very professional, thanks a lot.
Omar Chavero

Its a very complex but useful tool for the energy market.
Oscar Ortega Ibanez

2015 European PLEXOS Beginner & Advanced Training

Anyone who intends to use PLEXOS should complete both a beginner and advanced training course. You will not regret!
James Yu

The services PLEXOS provides makes it an innovative and cutting-edge solution for the future.
Jesus Nieto Martin

Well structured formal training that provides an excellent basis for building your own custom models.
Stephen Lynch

2015 Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd. Customised Training

Training was great, powerful modelling software, recommended to all power industries.
Zahiruddin Maksud

Clear, easy to understand, training was arranged in an orderly fashion.
Brady Maijon

PLEXOS software is fantastic for Electricity System Optimization.
Muhamad Ifwan

2015 Europe National Grid PLEXOS Beginner Training

Excellent introduction to the world of PLEXOS provided by top quality staff.
Enda Molloy

2014 Africa ZESA PLEXOS Basic Training

PLEXOS Graphical User Interface is amazing and very powerful making it easy for the user to navigate through.
Sharon Marerwa

2014 East Coast PLEXOS Basic Webinar Training

The one day PLEXOS basic Training Webinar provided useful information about how to utilize PLEXOS in our generation portfolio and risk management.
Duane Braunecker

The training was a wonderful way to get the basics of PLEXOS without having to travel.
Natasha Flynn

2014 PLEXOS Advanced Training – United Kingdom

This advanced course was tailored to our needs and provided excellent coverage of the areas of interest to us.
Lloyd Davies

In depth training on PLEXOS that really shows its abilities needed for anyone who wants to model using PLEXOS.
Chris Vingoe

Tom provided us with an exceptional two-day course that was customized to suit our needs. The outstanding organisational and delivery skills enabled us to gain a comprehensive understanding of each topic covered.
Ray Edmunds

2014 Europe PLEXOS Beginner Training – OFGEM

Very informative and well presented. A must for anyone considering using PLEXOS.
Adam Gilham

2014 Sarawak Energy Berhad PLEXOS Customised Training

I find this software is very beneficial and I am looking forward to another season of PLEXOS trainings to better my skills in using PLEXOS.
Richmond Awang Langai

2014 PLEXOS Beginner Training – Dublin

I arrived as a beginner, built up my knowledge of PLEXOS during the course and left with a solid foundation of the software.
Sean Collins

Although I had not used PLEXOS before the training, I feel now that I am confident enough to start modelling on my own. PLEXOS trainings are highly recommended for any level users.
Chris Vingoe

2014 PLEXOS Beginner Training – Africa

It was such an excellent course. I hope to attend more training courses in the future.
Arman Goudarzi

I now have an idea of how to model using PLEXOS. Thank you Energy Exemplar.
Ntombi Chavalala

2014 Energy Commission Malaysia Customised Training

The training course was well taught, informative and relevant. Excellent!!
Mohd Adzli Maher

It is simple and easy to understand. Highly recommended.
Amirul Hazman Bin Hamzah

PLEXOS Training helped me to understand how to use the software efficiently and effectively.
Muhamad Ifwan bin Mohd Rais

2014 ANRE Advanced Customised PLEXOS Training

In-house training is the most suitable type of course and is highly recommended.
Alicus Fiorel

2014 GE Energy Advanced PLEXOS Training

Very customized course, well prepared, perfect for our needs.
Derek Stenclik

Would high recommend PLEXOS customized advanced courses to others.
Nikhil Kumar

2014 US West Coast PLEXOS Beginner Training

This course is essential for establishing a good hose of knowledge for PLEXOS.
James Osborn

2013 US East Coast Beginner & Intermediate Training – Hartford

The training covered a lot of subjects and provides a great overall view of the software and its application to the current industry
Sherry Parra

It was a great experience, highly recommended
Sam Mei

The course provided a great introduction to the scope and capability of PLEXOS
Adam White

2013 PLEXOS General Training – Poland

An excellent hands-on introduction to PLEXOS. Highly recommended course.
Lloyd Davies

Very useful and informative training about the different modelling options of the PLEXOS model. Excellent course!
Reeli Kuhi-Thalfeldt

2013 PLEXOS General Training – Statoil

Very good surprise, looking forward to having my hands on this amazing product
M. Lupianez

UNSW Customised Training

Very useful for beginners especially the worked examples that were provided.
Peerapat Vithayasrichareon

Very good training with good potential for further applications. This training will by far help me in my PhD research.
Sebastian Oliva

2013 PLEXOS Beginner Training – South Africa

The software is very flexible to be applied on variety of situations and that it does not contain “behind the scene” calculations.
Poloko Mogatusi

Highly recommended training for every PLEXOS user.
Lolo Buys

The course is excellent for beginners and I recommend it to everyone who is involved in short, medium and long term unit commitment dispatch of power plants.
Gift Moima

2013 PLEXOS Hydro Modelling Training Course

Felipe put a lot of effort into customizing the hydro training to the Zambezi river which was extremely useful and appreciated. Training provided a good guide on data needed to continue with our hydro modelling tasks.
Joanne Calitz

I found PLEXOS to be easier to understand, apply and is an all-encompassing power systems Model. It is better than most power systems models I have used in the past.
Romas Kamanga

2013 PLEXOS User Group Meeting – USA

No matter the energy sector problem being explored and investigated, PLEXOS allows the analyst to craft detailed representations of the most complex systems and then passes those representations to the analysts choice of commercial solver.
C. D. McLean

2013 PLEXOS User Group Meeting – Asia Pacific/South America/Africa

Stimulating topics, more than capable EE staff and friendly personal environment, highly recommended!
Jarrad Wright

I managed to get a lot of knowledge in the first week of training as a new user of the software.
Sibusiso Zungu

The training has demonstrated that PLEXOS software is capable of solving most power system modelling issues and it has good documentation.
Andile Gxasheka

2013 PLEXOS General Training – London

Interesting course with powerful information to use daily and to develop new power models.
Alexandre Jorge

Peny did an excellent job at getting through all the material efficiently.
Paul Hutchinson

Peny was a superb instructor and organised the course very well throughout. Very friendly and their were no such thing as a silly question. Highly recommended.
Brian Kennedy

2013 Training on Short Term Generation Planning using PLEXOS

I think the Customised Training was very helpful. For the first timers, they were able to learn about PLEXOS capabilities and functions that are relevant to their work. For others who are already familiar with the software, they were able to ask specific questions directly with the trainer.
Maszatul Akmar Mustafa

It is highly recommended to be used by TNB for short term and long term generation planning since PLEXOS can cover both planning horizon.
Hadziratul Qudsiah Bt. Abdul Aziz

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