A summary of enhancements included in the latest Aurora release are listed below.

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Custom Constraints

Add user-defined linear constraints to the optimization problem that solves the dispatch (LP) and commitment (MIP). Use two new input tables, Custom Constraint & Custom Constraint Matrix, to setup the constraint bounds, relaxation properties, & variables. It is used to apply custom limits based on various parameters such as resource capacity or generation, zone demand, net flows, or fuel usage.

Long-Term Studies

Three new LT options including: allow partial capacity builds; provide additional, sub-optimal solutions; and define the Dynamic Peak Credit using more hours.

Nodal Capability

New method for modelling DC lines.

Resource Parameters

Options like a monthly generation limit for storage units, a minimum ancillary contribution requirement, energy constraint factors, and defining when a pre-solved commitment file is no longer used.

User Experience Enhancements

Easily add blank input tables, view/edit data using a new Excel-like data bar, updated Help interface, a single form for loading archives, and more charting enhancements.

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