What makes PLEXOS the preferred platform for organizations like yours around the world?

  1. Replace all your separate tools with one integrated hub
    • Consolidate modeling across electric power, water and gas systems
    • Seamlessly pass data across phases from long-term through short-term
  2. Provide transparency for how the models are solved
    • PLEXOS is the only open and transparent platform that shows you its calculations
    • You get credible sources for audits and documentation
  3. Run your scenarios in minutes instead of hours
    • Innovations in distributed computing methods and parallelization mean you will see exponentially faster results
    • Integrated solutions save you time instead of moving from one tool to the next

PLEXOS is a problem solving engine.

Accurate forecasting with today’s volume of possibilities is beyond human means alone. That’s why PLEXOS is so beneficial. It gives you the power to gather all of your complexities and put them into one program that delivers a multitude of real-world scenarios, so that you can pinpoint the one that benefits you most.

At its heart, the PLEXOS engine is an object-oriented, rapid application development library that processes industrial-scale mathematical programming. This gives you ultimate scalability and razor-fine control. In addition, its data-driven flexibility in the business logic and mathematics creates a dynamic formulation engine: it adapts to your data to deliver the right balance of detail and performance.

What’s on your horizon?

Whether hourly, day-ahead or years away, we help you plan for what to invest, where and when. Finding all the answers you need is easy using one, integrated platform. You don’t need separate tools for long-term, PASA, medium-term and short-term scheduling. You can do it all in one enterprise platform. Especially if you are working across multiple systems like electricity, gas and water: our platform integrates all the systems in one place. Now you can co-optimize, saving you time and bringing you more value.

PLEXOS Use Cases

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Who uses PLEXOS?

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What can PLEXOS do?

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Enhance Your Capabilities

PLEXOS Connect

PLEXOS® Connect is the exponential power complement to run faster simulations with the PLEXOS® Simulation Software.

  • More speed, greater access and faster expansion
  • Distribute simulations for parallel execution over multiple client computers or to the cloud
  • Remotely manage distributed simulation jobs
  • Centrally maintain multiple input data versions and simulation engine versions
  • Easily share, compare and review simulation results.

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Energy Exemplar has invested in creating simulation-ready datasets from public sources so that you can immediately start modelling with confidence.

  • Publicly sourced
  • Thoroughly documented
  • Extensively tested and calibrated within the market
  • Continuously updated

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Getting started

Resources and Further Reading

PLEXOS Electricity Brochure
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PLEXOS Gas Brochure
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Energy Storage: Making the Right Moves and the Right Time (eBook)
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Stochastic Multi-stage Hydro Optimization: Make Better Choices Across Inflow Uncertainty (White Paper)
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