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2014 USA East Coast User Group Meeting & PLEXOS Advanced Training

Excellent opportunity to share concepts and ideas with industry leaders and the very knowledgeable Energy Exemplar staff. As a novice user of PLEXOS, the experience to learn was worth the time.
Cody Paul

Great experience, great people and a great learning session.
Dilgeet Singh

Engaging, very helpful, Energy Exemplar employees were very patient, knowledgeable and responsive.
Michael Craig

2014 USA West Coast User Group Meeting & PLEXOS Advanced Training

PLEXOS users group meetings provide valuable insights into the use of the model that would take years to explore. Additionally, the event provides multiple client contacts for follow up questions and the opportunity to meet other users of PLEXOS.
Arthur Warren

2014 Europe User Group & PLEXOS Advanced Training – Greece

Great opportunity to network with other power system modellers. Looking forward to another session.
Matej Straciak

I fully encourage all PLEXOS users to attend one of the Advanced Trainings organized by EE. This event offers great opportunities to share your problems with experienced users and professional staff willing to help with various problems.
Michal Takac 

It was very useful training and very enriching User Group Meeting. looking forward to the next.
Elena de Joan Salgado

It was an excellent meeting where PLEXOS users were able to exchange their ideas, challenges and gain valuable experience. It was also very useful to see the applications of PLEXOS in various sectors: academia, consultancy, power generation companies and, of course, software development. Excellent organisation made this course very enjoyable. I would definitely recommend participation in similar meetings in the future to all PLEXOS users.
Inna Lytvyn

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