Why Subscribe to Datasets?

We’ve done the work upfront so you can start modeling with confidence immediately.

  • Publicly sourced
  • Thoroughly documented
  • Extensively tested and calibrated within the market
  • Continuously updated

Faster Start-up

Dozens of datasets from all corners of the world offer a fast-start for users beginning their modeling journey. Subscribing to Energy Exemplar datasets makes it easy to overlay and maintain proprietary updates.

  • Consistent annual updates
  • Integrated zonal datasets
  • Planning and commercial nodal datasets
  • Visual mapping, load-building and integrated 3D output

Cut Internal Costs

Investing in research as well as collecting and transforming data can take a team of several people the majority of a year. Energy Exemplar’s dedicated data team stays current with the updates of market data, current market assumptions and emerging data sources.

  • Updated when each new public data stream is released annually
  • Benchmarked to historic market data to demonstrate the quality of the data

Make Informed, Reliable Decisions

These datasets incorporate the latest industry data from ISOs, regional entities and governmental agencies. Both nodal and zonal data is available using the latest information across all interconnects. It’s the idea tool for:

  • 20+ year forecasts
  • Analysis of all zones and regions
  • Asset valuation
  • Market analysis (including energy and capacity)
  • Congestion and risk analysis
  • Comprehensive resource and constraint modeling mapped to all interconnected zones

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